Remember The Alamo?

With the presidential election fast approaching and many people paying more attention to the political world around them expect the nativist groups and their anti-migrant sentiment to be fully turned to ten this year.

One rally that’s already been announced is titled “Remember the Alamo” and will take place in San Antonio, TX on July 4. Given the amount of time groups will have to organize this rally I suspect it will draw a large crowd. I’ve tried to get more details about this rally, but up to this point it’s only been announced by Voice of the People USA. They’ve apparently befriended some other anti-“illegal” immigration groups down in Texas, but not knowing who the groups are I couldn’t check their websites for more information.

I believe the title of this rally will soon become a popular slogan for all nativists seeking to invoke images of war and bloodshed when the term “illegal immigrant” or “alien” is mentioned. It’s already being used by Voice of the People USA members both in the media and on their website. I don’t think they fully understand what the use of this slogan means or how hateful it really is when used in the context of immigration.

Because this trend will probably continue it’s important to take a quick look at how this reference makes no sense in the context of the immigration debate and is nothing more than a hate-bating “we’re the patriots and you’re not” statement. This isn’t the first time this slogan has been used in the immigration debate nor the first time it’s been used to title an anti-immigrant rally in San Antonio. Back in 2003 White Revolution, and other white supremacist groups, held a very similar rally there.

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Remember the Alamo!

During this uncertain time of war and terrorism, nothing is more important than securing our borders and our nation’s security. White Revolution’s goals are to stop illegal immigration, secure our borders, and to preserve White American culture and civilization, as well as its’ founding race! Join us at the Alamo!

The Alamo Plaza Park

San Antonio, Texas

Sunday, March 23rd, 2003

10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Co-sponsored by White Revolution, the National Socialist Movement, The Creativity Movement, Aryan Nations, the Celtic Knights, and other pro-White organizations, all White Nationalists welcome!

Of course, given there was slavery in Texas, even though the Mexican government had outlawed it, you can see why Stormfront would be proud of those that fought against Mexico – though I can’t say for certain that the people of Texas were necessarily fighting to continue using slaves.

I’m not advocating this as a way of thought, but if you really think about what our ancestors did in Texas it seems exactly like what the nativists are claiming migrants are doing today. (Though I believe their claims are untrue.) From the website in an article titled “March 2, 1836: The Myth and Meaning of Texas Independence” Dr. Stephen Hardin argues against the notion that our Texas ancestors were in the wrong:

So here we are near the end of the twentieth century. What do the events of 163 years ago have to do with us? What does it all mean? Of late the delegates have not fared too well at the pens of activist historians. They see Texas independence as the action of ungrateful snits that willfully ignored Mexican generosity. Typical of this new breed is Colorado writer Jeff Long. In his book Duel of Eagles: The Mexican and U.S. Fight for the Alamo, he sides with the Mexicans.

It was grotesque that a host of squatters, land speculators, and short-term colonists should expect the Mexican government to grant them government conducted in the English language. Mexico had not forced the Anglo-Americans to come to Texas. Mexico had certainly not promised those who did come “that they should continue to enjoy that constitutional liberty and republican government to which they had been habituated in the land of their birth, the United States of America.” To the contrary, those settlers in Texas who were legitimate had pledged themselves to a set of regulations extended by a whole new authority.”

How dare they expect the Mexican government to conduct government affairs in English. Wouldn’t today’s anti-“illegal” immigrant side with the Mexican government on this? And they’re saying “remember the Alamo”? Another quote from this article:

Like many of his ilk, Long has a reductionist understanding of Texas history. To be sure Mexicans were astoundingly generous to norteamericano colonists. A head of a household normally received a league and a labor. That amounted to a whopping 4,605 acres. Additionally, immigrants could also expect a tax rebate until they got on their feet in their adopted homeland. Americans who had been ruined in the Panic of 1819 flocked to Mexican Texas by the thousands. And they were grateful to Mexico for the chance–and a place–to make a fresh start. To most American immigrants, it seemed as if Mexico offered more opportunity than the “land of opportunity” itself.

At least, in this article, Dr. Hardin admits in this article that the Mexican government was generous to those Texas settlers. Is this something today’s nativists are willing to accept and acknowledge? Do they even know the history of Texas and the Alamo?

Regardless of why Texans fought at the Alamo and why they wanted freedom from a government that so readily accepted them and gave them land there’s no need to invoke fear and hatred as a form of eulogy for those that died at the Alamo. History is wrought with war and misery and it’s about time that we start on a new path of acceptance and compassion. It would certainly be nice to think that some of these anti-“illegal” immigrant groups will understand that their words and actions do not promote positive thought and change, but the more I see and the more I read I believe less and less that they’ll ever change. These groups often fail to realize that their catch phrases and references to the past actually make little sense and are simply hateful.

They say “remember the Alamo” and want you to see Mexicans as militant gun-toting invaders. I say “remember the Alamo” wanting you to remember that there’s been too much death, pain, anger, and hatred already. Regardless of your thoughts on the battle for Texas’ independence the people that died at the Alamo did not die to leave a cheap war invoking slogan for others to use as propaganda. If these groups want to remember something then let them remember Hiroshima.


7 thoughts on “Remember The Alamo?”

  1. Thanks.

    I haven’t been able to find any information about this other than it’s planned. So I’m not sure if there are counter protests being put together yet.

  2. Now even though I do respect you Charles, are we now becoming a gathering forum for counter protestors? If you want to get factual the odds are not in your favor, check back and see just how many acts of violence have been committed by americans standing together for their rights protesting illegal immigration, compared to those that counter protest. Also, is it not factual to point out that when people march in by the droves holding signs ‘Illegal and Proud” “F@#K AMERICA VIVA MEXICO” “KILL WHITES” just to state a few that we shouldn’t question their devotion to America? Or (Something that fears everyone, because I know that there is no such thing as the “Other side” being american hating racists!) Or when they hold signs stating how proud they are to be in this country illegally, should we not question that? Of course destroying a Vietnam Veterans memorial in New Haven CT is ok right? It’s only ok when they spray paint (On the memorial) “Kill Whites”! So should I still assume that all of us are to blame for all of the worlds problems? Charles, I am happy to say that you and I differ in opinion but at least we aren’t as bad as some out there! We agree on some things and disagree on some things but at least you disagree with class and you do just so happen to present your case intelligently rather than in an extreme fashion like others out there! I want everyone who reads this to know that I do in fact respect Mr. Symsess and I have learned alot from him, I also hope to learn much more in the future. Charles demonstrates class with his arguements and his counter points. I wish others would learn from this site on how it is possible to disagree without the threats and the useless name calling. Charles, thanks again for at least being man enough to talk to me like a human being rather than a piece of trash as others would and continue to do. Take care

  3. Oh and I never used the term “Remember the Alamo” obviously others have stated that I just haven’t had the time to even read whats been reported in the papers or even on certain forums etc. My mother has been very ill and that is far more important as family comes first! Surely you can relate. Thanks again

  4. Daniel. You did say “Remember the Alamo” in your You Tube video. However, I may be mistaken about the title of the rally.

    I realize that there is hatred on both sides of this issue and the potential for hatred from almost everybody. The key is to negate those feelings to bring about compassion as it, in the end, feels much better to help people.

    I just feel your recent actions regarding immigration are not in line with who I think you really are. I sincerely wish you would take a step back and understand that there’s better ways to go about finding a solution to this issue.

    This post obviously is about the rally and not about your working with the website “When Kids Need Protection,” though I don’t know much about that site. I know you’re capable of doing good for others and you have a large enough audience to make it happen. After all, the news channel did give you a full five minutes and encourage people to join your group.

  5. Charles,
    Honestly, I cant even remember saying it but I guess I did. I never meant for it to come across any perticular way. I do apologize, also with regards to a title for the rally, we never set one- people tend to derive their own titles and sometimes I wish they wouldn’t! With that aside, I do want to thank you for the kind words and I do vow to do as much good as I possibly and humanly can with the audience that we have obtained. I promise that with everything that I am and all that I stand for! I too am suprised by the media actually going longer than a 30second clip and then encouraging people to get involved!?! That is just downright strange and kind of unprofessional from a media standpoint! Either way, the media usually treats us like trash but will do everything in their power to promote the extremists and the complete horrors of the world! They are not our friends but still I am indeed grateful for that I guess, I actually haven’t even watched the news coverage of the press conference as well as other events. I guess it just does nothing for me contrary to some peoples beliefs! LOL! Either way, I do intend to do my part in making the community in which I live in as well as any and all other communities around the country a better and safer place to live. I am dedicated to that. As far as the illegal immigration topic goes, I do plan on protesting congress and their inability to act as far as immigration policy goes. I do not support those who enter the wrong way, that cannot and will not change (Sorry) but I do see a huge problem with regards to those who do try to come here the right way and are simply just pushed aside. That is completely unacceptable and something needs to be done about it! I am also open to any and all suggestions as to what else we may be able to do in order to correct all of the problems with our governments current state of affairs! Anyway, I apologize for rambling, this isn’t my blog and I do tend to talk too much! Take care sir and I hope to speak with you again soon.

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