Bill would target benefits for illegal immigrants – Columbus Telegram

Many anti-immigrant groups like to throw around large numbers regarding the devastation these “criminals” are causing to the American public. Though most estimates put the number of undocumented migrants at 12 million I’ve heard some of these groups claim there are 40 million. They always have lots of numbers to throw around, but I’d like to see the sources. According to an article on Mayor Barletta’s testimony regarding the lawsuit against his English only laws, he was unable to provide any real proof of the costs he was referring to. If I’m wrong I’d certainly like to be told and pointed to some valid sources. Most migrants are working just like the rest of us and if you’re working then your contributing both physically and financially.

Here’s an article he had posted on his website “Small Town Defenders” which states he didn’t even bother speaking to his police force about crime in his city. He sites a newspaper article instead. A mayor shouldn’t be getting his city’s facts from the local newspaper.

The mayor admitted he never saw statistics from the police chief on crime rates in the city, but he pointed to a June 2006 Times Leader story that detailed a rise in violent crime in the city over the past several years. He also said Police Chief Robert Ferdinand told him 30 percent of all drugs arrests in 2005 were illegal immigrants.

So now we have the Governor of Nebraska seeking to go after these migrants as well.

Bill would target benefits for illegal immigrants
Friday, Jan 04, 2008 – 11:42:00 am CST

OMAHA, Neb. – Gov. Dave Heineman is targeting illegal immigrants in a proposal that would require state agencies to verify any resident applying for state benefits is in the United States legally.

The proposal will be introduced as a bill in the Legislature, which begins its 2008 session next week. The bill is a cooperative effort with Attorney General Jon Bruning and the bill’s sponsor, Sen. Mike Friend of Omaha.


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