Migrants Moving In

I’m probably not the person that’s going to do it, but it’s important to make the point that these migrants are not here to ruin our lives or blatantly snub our laws.

A statement in response to the About portion of this blog one person (wegs) wrote:

They are not here, whatsoever, because someone told them “come here to live and get charity”. They’re here because someone told them “come here and work”. This is obvious, isn’t it, yet so blatantly ignored, just so they can continue to castigate the migrants themselves.

I’m currently researching books from the early 1900’s on immigration. It’s no surprise to find many of the same negative statements we here today regarding this issue. This is true even though since these statement were made the US has gone through and risen up from the Great Depression while defending the world against Hitler and his regime. All the while immigration has continued and been celebrated as an American tradition. Our strength comes from our diversity just as our ideas, inventions, and moral values. Of course, many of these moral values are not often held by our leaders.

In a book titled “Immigration: A World Movement and Its Significance” we find the following statements:

“If immigration has not absolutely lowered the wages and the standard of living of the American workman, it certainly has kept them from rising to the level that they otherwise would have reached.”

“It is not a question of how much a man has, absolutely, as of how much have might have had.”

Statements like these have not only proven untrue with time, but they cater to a “me first’ attitude that does not subscribe to the fact that the world is made up of many people. I understand that to survive we have to think of ourselves, but it makes it much easier when we also think about others. Knowing that countless others care for you just as you care for them is a comforting thought. For those that don’t believe it’s possible for others to care for each other or who think I’m a crazy liberal for feeling this way I just have to say thanks for working against the idea. If we ourselves prescribe to a more positive reality then we’ll be able to show others that this idea is indeed possible.

If we’re all worried about having our ability to provide for our families then why not condone the spraying of sterilization chemicals that would keep the population down? Though this would certainly, by the above quote, help provide more of what we are capable of having I can’t see that anyone would actually agree to it. I’m no economist, but the idea of currency and worth is attached by us while the true ability to support life has nothing to do with currency. This ability is corrupted by our misuse of world resources and polluting of our environment that usually goes hand in hand with this me first attitude.

Today many Americans are blaming migrants for causing economic hardships in this country. Rather than focusing on the way the government missuses are resources for illegal warfare they choose to look closer to home at those they perceive to be in this country illegally. The closer you get to home the easier it is to find blame. Strangely though it never actually makes it into people’s homes or their hearts. Just as many politicians are using closer to home issues such as immigration to fuel their campaigns many anti-immigrant activists will use the home invasion analogy to describe undocumented workers. They claim that a person entering the US without permission is the same thing as them entering your home without permission. This is sadly irresponsible as one could imagine how far we could go with this. I have heard one group get into the “they’re raping our women” claim which basically takes us all the way to the ultimate level. We’ve gone from somebody crossing into the US without permission to a person entering a woman’s body with violent force. Again, this analogy is sadly irresponsible.

If you have some time do a search through Google Books for immigration and you’ll find many interesting older books on the subject. Also, if you look through Amazon.com you’ll find just how many books have been written on this subject in the past couple of years.

This post is more of an open-ended ramble so thanks for taking time to read and please leave comments if you have an extra moment.

Illegal Immigration books on Amazon.com


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