Hate Reporting Helps No One – Just Be Nice

This isn’t about immigration, but it is about many right-wing (or professed right-wing) internet news outlets that have a fun time mocking those they don’t agree with while often failing to utilize substantial facts.

In Ann Coulter-esque fashion many right wing news outlets like to make a joke out of stories “spinning” (if I may) the meaning or the bottom line in order to defame the publication. Though the story they site may, on its own, be entirely credible, useful, and valuable they’ll find one flaw with it (real, perceived, or injected) and turn it against the publication, organization, or person.

All of us can potentially end up at the helm of this ship if we’re not careful. However, it’s completely fine to speak against a story, a person, or an idea, but it’s important to be credible and site real sources that actually show how you came up with your point. Obviously there are many right-wing, left-wing, and middle-wing internet news outlets that report and speak of issues without using these tactics. Just beware of the ones that do.

An article published in the Chicago Tribune recently advocated having more sex in 2008. So what does TheRealityCheck.org do? They state that the magazine is condoning illicit extra-marital and non-union affairs of the flesh. Yet the parts of the story they site say nothing about who to have sex with. Though they do say that having more sex will strengthen your relationship with your partner which would lead me to believe the story is advocating long term and healthy relationships. (Note that when you click the link to the story it’s actually the Chicago Sun-Times and not the Tribune. It just goes to show why you should be compassionate and not try to make fun of everything. Sometimes it just makes you look silly as well.)

How do they go about “taking down” this story? Well first they make a funny:

It looks like a wayward hippie from Haight-Ashbury circa 1967 found himself a time machine and came forward to 2008 and barricaded himself in the editorial room of the Chicago Tribune,

RealityCheck.org then states:

But, man, let’s not bring us all down with talk of marriage, commitment, and morality, shall we?

This article isn’t about morality, marriage, or commitment. Neither are many stories in the main steam media. Does this website think that mockery and hate speech towards others advocates for morality? I don’t think so. What RealityCheck.org is advocating is a lack of morality and ethics with this story.  They are proclaiming that we should all preach hate towards things we don’t agree with.

When we’re dealing with real issues let’s be serious and compassionate towards one another. It just makes sense and it’s the only way to be exemplary to others and to actually find a solution.


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