Tamar Jacoby: Immigration is not black and white – The Dallas Morning News

This point of this article is why this blog exists and why we have to be as loud, compassionately, as the anti-“illegal” immigrants activists and nativists are. We all know there are a myriad of anti-immigration websites to choose your propaganda from, but where are the real solutions? A “real” solutions doesn’t include hateful comments, put-downs, and attempts to subvert a person’s status as a human.

Tamar Jacoby: Immigration is not black and white – Full Article – The Dallas Morning News
The majority of voters – the quiet 60 percent in the middle – are ambivalent and uncertain
06:30 AM CST on Monday, January 7, 2008

You’ve heard it all a dozen times. That the public is virulently anti-immigrant. That political leaders – including President Bush and the senators from both parties who voted last summer to overhaul the immigration system – are hopelessly out of touch with this angry tide. That millions of people across the country are going to vote on the basis of their fury.

And that the only immigration reform Americans will accept, this year and perhaps for years to come, is “reform” along the lines advocated by Rep. Tom Tancredo of Colorado and CNN’s Lou Dobbs: harsh, anti-immigrant policies designed to drive millions of foreigners out of the United States.

The only problem: It isn’t so. The situation isn’t nearly so black and white.

The article states that no politicians are giving us solutions. However I do believe Kucinich is trying to by advocating the end of NAFTA.

Today, neither Democrats nor Republicans are offering solutions. What they’re doing, each in language more incendiary and provocative than the last, is denouncing benefits for illegal immigrants: drivers’ licenses, affordable college tuition, the ability to use public services such as schools and hospitals.

It’s about time we heard some real compassionate and realistic solutions to this issue. Until a prominent politician, with a chance of winning, decides to give us some straight talk and make positive changes we’ll have to continue defending against the onslaught of anger from the fiery anti-“illegal” immigrant groups.


2 thoughts on “Tamar Jacoby: Immigration is not black and white – The Dallas Morning News”

  1. Thanks for a realistic perspective. I just wish we could mandate the politicians spend some time in the border towns of Mexico and it would solve many of these issues. We need these guys here. Much of the higher prices we are paying now in the grocery stores can be attributed to not being able to hire Mexican workers. The Americans that apply for these jobs, wil not stay and their turnover rate only increases the cost.

  2. Thanks for you comment.

    In a more perfect world we’d have plenty of satisfying jobs for Americans and Mexicans as well as people across the world, but unfortunately there is a powerful group of people that do not wish this to happen.

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