Christians Hate Undocumented Migrants?

This issue is so deep, and the waters so murky, I dare not go in, but what is with so many proclaimed Christians bashing undocumented migrants? How any in way, shape, or form is that Christian?

I was going through some posts on News With Views, a vehement anti-migrant, pro kill everyone that’s not Christian, website and I found a link to one of their contributor’s music. This song is called “I Feel Good,” but when you read his writing he seems to think the world’s about to end. Maybe that feels good. I don’t know. What I do know is that any Christian should know two things: first Jesus died on the cross for our sins and only asks that we accept him into our hearts in order to be received in Heaven; second the laws of God come before the laws of man. I hate to have to tell these people, but there’s no United States in Heaven – though I’m sure people like this believe that the U.S. is the top tier of Heaven with citizens of other nations being forced into the lower rungs. (At least News With Views took down the ad stating you could take a pill and live forever. Lying to people isn’t very Christian last I checked.)

Please somebody explain to me how bashing other human beings is Christian. I just have to know. Somebody please make me understand.

Here’s a link to one of this singer’s articles. Here’s another. Go figure – he supports Ron Paul.


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