My Response To Voice of The People USA’s – “It Feels So Good To Be So Wrong”

I’m sure Daniel, of Voice of the People USA, realizes that when he writes something that’s hateful I’m going to respond. He recently wrote a fairly lengthy statement about his lack of care for undocumented migrants which is both sad and sickening. It’s hard for me to grasp the fact that people just don’t get it. They have no ability to exercise empathy or compassion towards these migrants. The strangest thing to me about Daniel is that he has written to me several times, and posted on this blog, making me feel that he has the ability to exercise compassion, but then when I hear of his group’s latest rally and I read his statements it’s as if he’s a different person.

I could let the terrible comments he makes speak for themselves, but I’ve taken time to respond. The original post from the Voice of the People USA website can be read here.

I am truly upset by his comments as I really thought he would be a more compassionate person than this. Though I still have hope for him, I am deeply concerned about his post.

Here are some quotes from his post and my comments:

I first would like to point out that Arizona has demonstrated a true showing of patriotism that deserves to be admired by any and all lawmakers and defenders of our rights (Constitutionally speaking) and those that believe the all to common statement, Illegal means Illegal!

Firstly this is not a common statement in day to day language and I don’t know anyone that doesn’t believe illegal means illegal unless we’re talking the philosophy of linguistics. It’s no different than saying cat means cat or cantankerous means cantankerous. Obviously the law makes things illegal, but that doesn’t make the law right.

In my opinion, (Though this may sound harsh to some!) I could absolutely care a less about the illegal’s that feel displaced and have to leave their homes before the holiday season etc. In the story from the one individual is quoted as stating that the new law is “Oppressive and cruel” “We do not want to live somewhere where we are not welcomed!” Newsflash, you were never welcomed in the first place!

It is truly sad to read this type of statement in today’s world. If this doesn’t scream selfish individualism I don’t know what does. This type of sentiment will surely help no one unless it’s simply a cathartic release for the writer. When people are frustrated they seem to enjoy taking it out on living things that will respond with sadness or pain. Why someone finds joy in this I cannot understand.

That alone is a simplistic illusion that they all make themselves believe to somehow justify the fact that they are all criminals. I hope they enjoy that line of crap because we, as legal and tax paying citizens sure as hell aren’t buying it! Also “We make up the motor that drives this country” what a powerful and pathetic statement that is huh!?! I would assume that would now mean that all of the jobs and everything that we have in this country is because of illegal alien criminals so our country is somehow built on illegality!

This statement makes the assumption that legal citizens are somehow incapable of breaking the law. By simply being a citizen of the United States you are a law abiding citizen – that just isn’t true. I’m not sure where this motor quote came from, but I would say we’re all the motor of this country. The oil is being spilled in the sand in a far away land atop the oil that we use for real motors. The fuel is the desire to help one another. The fuel is not hateful statements and callous remarks. If we fought against each other all the time we’d get nowhere. Companies are made of people that work together towards a common goal. Collectively they give us all the ability to work not only for our family’s sake, but for the sake of our country and the world. This is true of anybody working here. Just as it’s true that we all pay taxes – both citizens and migrants alike.

Blatant disrespect for our great country, people like this deserve to get the hell out and I hope they stay in their country and stop coming back in illegally and taking our jobs. Imagine the drop in unemployment rates if employers would actually hire LEGAL American citizens, rather than those here illegally. In my opinion, the jobs that hire illegal’s do not deserve to be fined, they deserved to be shut the hell down and the owners/management that own and run the company deserve to rot in jail for frauding the government, and also committing a blatant and apparent act of treason against the United States of America! Is that wrong of me to say?

Firstly, I don’t find undocumented migrants to be blatantly doing anything. In my opinion if they were just here to spite us then we’d all figure that their being here has nothing to do with external and internal economic forces. Given that money is necessary for survival they simply go where the money is so that can support their families. To solve this problem or remedy this issue you must first relax, breath slowly, and understand why it’s happening. If you’re simply going to react to everything with knee jerk anger we might as well just go stick our head in a microwave because we don’t have a chance at any real communication.

In response to his unemployment rate claim – are there undocumented workers going to Alaska? That’s where the highest unemployment rate is. Many border states are actually at the lower end of the scale. Unemployment Rates from Oklahoma, with tough laws against hiring undocumented migrants is actually at the higher end of the scale. So what’s to blame for unemployment? It doesn’t appear to be undocumented migrants. Maybe we should look at little closer before we start handing out blame. In the last month, even with all the anti-migrant laws and efforts to penalize businesses hiring undocumented workers, there was a steep rise in unemployment.

Finally, to the last quote, hiring migrant workers is treason? I hardly think that’s the case. Hiring a worker, regardless of the citizenship is not treason. Hiring a worker without permission to be in the United States is simply against the law. To say it’s treasonous would mean that speeding is treasonous and spitting on the sidewalk (which is nasty and you are spitting on America after all) is treasonous as well. I could go through many other laws, but you get the point. I say, if you want to find the traitors, start at the top – both of the government and the economic scale. I also feel that promoting hatred toward other human beings is treason against basic humanity, morality, and ethics.

Fines equal nothing and solves absolutely nothing! Set the standard by coming down hard on any and all that oppress all of us and others will be too afraid of the same harsh ramifications therefore they would start to take care of their own rather than aiding and abetting fugitives from the law.

How does a business oppress us by hiring undocumented workers? These workers are not hired to spite the rest of us or to “oppress” us. It’s simple economics. Just as we’ll read that this writer was looking for “falling prices” in Wal-Mart many Americans are trying to pay the least amount for the goods possible. Often this low price is made possible by migrant labor in our country or slave labor in other countries. Though it’s not hard to find sub-standard wages and harsh working conditions being given to citizens as well. Love it or hate it – that’s capitalism. In order to fight against businesses that don’t treat workers fairly we simply boycott them and demand change.

Of course everything that we say and do is a racist statement and a racist action right!? That is the common practice of all of those that support those who take a proverbial crap on our country every single day just with being here. I have always found it to be rather entertaining that even though various ethnicity are represented at ours and many other protests throughout the country, including groups made up of LEGAL immigrants from all across the world as well as groups that are primarily African Americans that exist to target illegal immigration (and I am proud to say that we have and continue to work with many of them!) that somehow all of us are labeled skinheads or white supremacists!

No, I’m sorry, but 98% of all people supporting anti-“illegal” immigrant rallies are white. If do a cakewalk around anti-“illegal” immigration sites you’ll find mostly white people. If you want a sample of an anti-immigrant site check this out. Yes, these are the people you side with when you make terrible statements about people. The truth is that the racist moniker is only used in cases where racism is obvious. If you don’t think someone I’ve written about on this side before, who said Mexicans are all dumb and dirty, to be racist then I don’t know what is. Do you have to murder someone to be a racist? When you verbally attack and vilify minorities, as some groups do, then you’ll probably be labeled a racist. However, that doesn’t mean that everyone against illegal immigration is a racist.

Imagine, these people who have all the time in the world to think of American hating dialect and that is the best that they can do!?! With all do respect, they make me sick! Half of the people that make these outlandish remarks are leaders who are here illegally, if they took their citizenship classes then they would of learned about American law and a little document called the constitution of our great land! Of course they have all heard of our constitution, that is their preferred toilet paper of choice every single day of their lives.

If the writer had learned about the Constitution he’d understand that you don’t have to be a citizen to be protected by it. If he read more history books (from varied sources of course) he’d understand the ridiculousness of many of his and other group’s claims along with the terrible way their actions mirror some of the worst periods of our nation’s history.

Of course, that would be impossible according to lame ass American hating politicians and local officials now wouldn’t it! I guess that I should watch what I am saying on here, I might be investigated and arrested for being a “Domestic Terrorist”! F.B.I. guess what, the real terrorists are the ones that entered our country illegally and flew planes into our buildings and killed nearly three thousand people in less than two hours! WAKE THE HELL UP, AND PROTECT OUR BORDERS!!! My family died that day because of no homeland security and thankfully, we are so much safer now aren’t we !?!

I was in the Trade Center when it was hit and I am saddened by Daniel’s loss. On 9/11 I was working on the 50th floor of tower 2 when the plain smashed into tower 1. The second plain hit my building when I was on the 30th floor. To say I was terrified is an understatement. I just knew the concrete stairwell was going to crush me, but it didn’t and I’m extremely lucky to be here. That’s why I will not simply re-aim the hatred of those hijackers onto other people. This post is not meant to bash Daniel’s writing, but simply to provide why I feel it’s wrong and that I wish he’d use his ability to organize people for more positive purposes. He could easily help his community and begin a wave of compassion that would surely affect the immigration issue without him having to be so nasty to other human beings.

No, arrest someone who happens to be against illegal’s alien criminals, that makes sense- god knows that we are all the real enemies of America right!?! Pathetic! In all honesty I believe that we are part of a dying breed left in this country that still loves America! We support our troops and our veterans and honor the memory and keep in our hearts the sacrifices that have been and continue to be made in order to protect our sovereignty as a nation! Is that so wrong of us? If so, I have never been so glad to be so wrong in my life!

This is a disillusioned statement that makes little sense and it certainly does nothing to bring two sides of the debate together which I’d prefer to see Daniel doing. (Of course he doesn’t have to listen to me.) There are many people that support our troops and though I have not volunteered at a VA hospital myself my fiancé has for many years by providing pet therapy. I wonder how many of these “patriots” have actually been to one themselves or have ever volunteered to help at one. I support the troops by asking that we remove them from Iraq. I support them by asking that they not be used as pawns for the elite businesses and government officials. To state that this writer is a “dying breed” is simply a slap in the face to so many compassionate Americans that care deeply for those that serve in the military. Our troops have fought for the world, not just our sovereignty and nobody is defacing their memory by asking that we treat migrants with compassion.

So, are you all with me so far? I am sure to be criticized by people and groups of people out there that have nothing else better to do other than tear us apart all day! You know, they do the exact same thing that they claim we do to all of the poor illegal criminals out there. Talk about the pot and the kettle huh!?!

Well you’re certain to be criticized, but it’s not because I have nothing better to do. I don’t think I could be doing anything better than speaking against a person that is refusing to embrace his kinder side by helping others in need. It’s completely worth my while to be doing this. Although, I wish I didn’t have to. I’d rather live in a more positive world where this blog wasn’t necessary.

Remember, it is wrong to utilize that whole freedom of speech thing! That’s evil! Sorry, I forgot that I was already told that the “illegal’s have freedom of speech too and they will be heard!” THEY HAVE NO DAMN RIGHTS!

They do have rights. The Constitutions grants rights to everyone as it says “all men are created equal.” It doesn’t say anything about having to be a citizen.

I was asked by a moron, oh sorry that may have not been respectful enough! I was asked by a college newspaper jackass reporter at our Vicente Fox protest “How are we prepared to fix the problems with the Mexican Govt since we are forcing all the illegal’s out of America” First of all, I never knew that every single illegal in this country was Mexican! Notice how when they racially profile it’s accepted! That’s ok though, they are superior to us! Despite her profiling I said to her that illegal’s regardless of which country they hail from have any justifiable right to enter our country by breaking the law. Furthermore, since when did it become Americas job to fix other countries governments?

Why call people morons? Doesn’t that make your point more valid? Does it make you appear more intelligent. Actually it does just the opposite. I guess you should ask many of our past presidents when it became America’s job to fix other countries. We have many times intervened with the politics of other nations, but somehow like to ignore those that really need our attention.

We should be taking care of our country first and solely, wouldn’t you agree!?! Then of course the stumbling moron from the college newspaper went on to state that what we were doing was “Limiting Mr Vicente Fox’s freedom of speech by interrupting his talk at the university theatre” ” So obviously we are contradicting ourselves and our belief’s” Jackass apparently never took into consideration that President Fox, IS NOT AN AMERICAN CITIZEN! THEREFORE HE HAS NO ENTITLEMENT TO OUR FREEDOM OF SPEECH!!!!!!! Have I missed something here!?! Nonetheless, reporters know all and we are all just fools to them!

I’d agree we should take care of our country first, but solely, no. Countries interact on many levels and we cannot ignore those countries that practice slave labor (often for our benefit) or commit genocide. And Fox does have the right to speak here. You should actually want him to if you don’t agree with him because he’ll surely say something silly as Ahmadinejad did at Columbia University.

Is it wrong of me to admit that I enjoy reading the blogs that do nothing but put us down and tear us apart all day? I must admit that I find it humorous that these fools would have nothing to write about if we lived in a country full of law abiding citizens! Isn’t that just endearing!? How about the ones out there that actually take the time to write out every single word that we all say while giving a speech! Talk about pathetic, find a job, get a hobby, hell just do something with your life because if we didn’t exist to stand up for our rights as citizens, you would have nothing else better to do.

Thanks Daniel. This doesn’t sound like the guy I exchanged apologies with for going over the line and being mean rather than just speaking about the issues. If you don’t understand the importance of what I’m doing then you must not understand the what you’re doing. Believe me, I’d certainly have other things to do if I hadn’t stumbled upon the ProAmerica rally in Morristown. I’d have more time to help volunteer, help rescue animals and maintain a vegan blog. Unfortunately I had to abandon the blog for this one. Of course I don’t have as much time to watch television or movies either, but it doesn’t take away from my personal relationships and I hope it will bring about positive change. We’ll be trapping some cats soon to have them spayed/neutered if you want to come along. I’m also working to help migrants speak English – I want them to be able to order a cheese steak from Geno’s.

Moving on, what I stated earlier still applies, should I really give a damn about the fact that illegal’s are not going to have a good holiday because they are being forced to run out of the country? If they weren’t here illegally then they would have no reason to runaway now would they?

You should care because that what we do when we’re compassionate about other human beings. It’s not Christian to turn your back on other human beings. The laws of man do not come before the laws of God or any other deity you may pray to.

What about the family of Nick Erfle, how is their Christmas going to be this year? In case you are unaware of just who Nick Erfle is, he was a police officer that was ambushed and executed by an illegal alien criminal in Arizona, which prompted Arizona to enact its new legislation.

What about the countless other criminals that killed people last year? Are those murders any less relevant? Do you think that hate speech will stop murder in this world? I don’t.

Or how about the families of the other 28,000 people who were murdered at the hands of illegal’s since 2001 alone! Sorry for not giving a rats ass about the poor illegal’s that are now being “Forced” back to their country of origin. Let me tell ya, my heart really goes out to all of the people that chose to leave their so called oppressed country in order to live the American dream by becoming fugitives from the law here! Ironic isn’t it!

Blaming the millions of undocumented migrants for the heinous acts of a small percentage of them is ridiculous. This argument says it’s ok to kill as long as you’re a legal citizen and makes no sense. Having not compassion for their needs as human beings is simply heartless.

Moving on, I happened to notice something recently! I was shopping at a local Wal Mart, (You know, one of the largest chains in the world that pays their employees next to nothing!!) and I was walking down the furniture aisle and I noticed something, the languages on all of the boxes was in Spanish!

If you were truly a “patriot” or cared about the United States you should consider refusing to shop at Wal-Mart. You want to talk about ironic? You even acknowledge the fact that Wal-Mart pays their employees very little, but you continue to support them.

For how long now we have been called racists, xenophobes, racial profilers, stereotypers etc and I still continue to find those rebuttals to be, well absolutely pathetic but consider the source! Then I see things like I mentioned above and what does that make the common American think? Let me tell you as simply as I possibly can, for all of the big businesses out there that print things in one language, Spanish and to all the food companies, the paper printing companies, clothing companies, etc etc etc etc THEY ARE THE ONES THAT HAVE RACIALLY PROFILED!!!

I don’t like supporting big business any more than the next guy – I bought out of my Cingular contract because they were sponsoring the rodeo – you have to have convictions, but businesses do have the right to print any language on their boxes, or support the rodeo, and you, as a consumer, have the right to not support that company. Stop going to Wal-Mart. To say they are racially profiling because they print in Spanish is silly. They are catering to people that prefer to read in Spanish. If this means more people need to learn English then let’s help them out. I have to remind this writer that there is no official language in the United States. Just put your money where you mouth is and you’ll change the way companies do business.

What it all bolis down to is the now ever so repetitive saying, “This is America, we salute one flag and we write and speak one language in this country and that is ENGLISH! anyone who does anything other than those simple precepts are not American at all”.

I’m sorry by tyranny and force are not American at all. In this country we are free and freedom means freedom! I like that one better than illegal ….

Hey, has anyone taken notice to the reports coming out of such places like Virginia, Oklahoma, Arizona, Morristown New Jersey and various other places in the country? THEY ARE GETTING REAL IMMIGRATION ENFORCEMENT PASSED!

I’d read more about Morristown because I don’t think there was one utterance of 287(g) or immigration law after the ProAmerica Rally. The town was so upset by that showing that the mayor dare not even try. As a matter of fact he started taking Spanish classes.

I really cant imagine why some people would ask such a stupid question as “Why will you be going to the Alamo to hold a rally?” Obviously someone forgot to inform this individual of what the Alamo represents, has she never heard the expression “Remember the Alamo”?

Yes, I’ve heard the expression, but do you realize the U.S. citizens settled in Mexico and then decided to fight to take the land away from Mexico? Maybe the irony doesn’t fall to far from the tree. Here’s my post in response to the Alamo rally.

Again, will you put aside the picnics and hold off on the fireworks long enough to take a stand for your country and your god given rights as an American? The whole world will be watching us on that day and do you not want to be apart of history? The day America fights back against illegality and blatant disregard for our rule of law and the document which defines our great land! Please, make plans now and stand with us as we finally do what’s right for this country and show all ILLEGAL ALIEN/INVADERS/CRIMINALS/FELONS/IMMIGRANTS (There so no one can misquote me when they call me every name in the book!) that there is a right way and a wrong way, we are the right way, you are the wrong way!

If the recent caucuses haven’t proclaimed that Americans are not going to listen to hateful propaganda about undocumented migrants then nothing will. If these groups want to have rallies on July 4 telling Americans to hate other human beings then let’s do just the opposite. Let’s tell everyone to love their fellow human beings – regardless of whether they are here legally, illegally, whether they share your beliefs or not. On July 4th, let’s celebrate this country and the fact that we’re free. Let’s celebrate diversity and culture, but let’s not forget that we have a responsibility to be compassionate to one another. The United States is not a hateful country and to make it seem so by preaching hate is truly un-American.

I’m challenging Daniel to explain why he feels it’s necessary to make such nasty comments about other people and how he feels these comments will make the U.S. a better place. Is there not a way to protest something without using such terrible and hateful language? Can’t he see it’s not working. Just look at the 2007 elections and the Iowa caucus. VOPUSA and ALIPAC told people not to vote for Huckabee and he still won. Thankfully, people are tired of the hateful language.


2 thoughts on “My Response To Voice of The People USA’s – “It Feels So Good To Be So Wrong””

  1. Dan is an American Citizen – and he can say what ever he wants about any-one – especially illegal invaders that use America as their cash register, and crime hunting ground. Americans are NOT responsible for illegal invaders in ANY WAY. These vermin are disgusting parasites, and are destroying this nation. What’s wrong with YOU?

    Why don’t their own countries take care of their own people – and FIX THEIR OWN PROBLEMS? WHY? WHY?

    Don’y you dare criticize ANY-ONE else, until you answet that question. You are an absolute disgrace.

  2. The first thing you should know is that Daniel and I email back and forth and I do have respect for him. However, I won’t let his comments go unchallenged as I too have the right to say what I want – I’m as American as anyone you know.

    The easiest response to your question is why did our ancestors leave their countries? Why couldn’t their countries fix “their own” problems? The more realistic response, however, is that the U.S. has caused much of the problems within countries south of the border and until we criticize our government for damaging other nations then we’ll forever be in this terrible vortex. Do you believe the Iraq war is a just war?

    The country I was born and raised in, the United States of America, is a country of immigration. This country welcomes people from all over the world. However, it has also had many that vilified them as well. Just check out this excerpt from a book from 1894 for one minute and read what it says.

    No matter how much anyone wants to romanticize about the immigrants of yesterday or fixing problems in other countries it will never remove the fact that our ancestors made slaves of people.

    So it’s time to cut the crap and start being compassionate towards others. Hate doesn’t work – it never has.

    What do you mean they use America as a cash register and crime hunting ground? First off when any person creates goods and services within the U.S. it contributes to our GDP. That’s what keeps this country afloat. These migrants are working which is why they are always nabbed at job sites and factories.

    Please stop making up numbers and figures about migrants that aren’t true. You know full well that the vast majority are hard working productive citizens.

    I can go on answering questions all day – send me more if you want. I’m sure you’re a nice person as is Daniel, but you should really understand how much better you’d feel to help others. You, me and Daniel can help each other, migrants and those Americans that are looking for work, but we must work together.

    If you think “the man” isn’t laughing at you and me for creating these factions you’re sadly mistaken. This is a game with the lot of us as victims. So either we work together or we’ll all go down together.

    My hand extended. Thanks for stopping by.

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