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Finding a common enemy in migrants then bashing them upon the head with verbal pots and pans seems to be all the rage now. When some people see these migrants are down they just start to kick them with speeches, rallies, and ordinances rather than finding ways to help them out – whether this means help them here or in their own countries. The United States has great economic pull in other countries and certainly has means to help.

Why some people find joy in kicking the little guy is beyond me, but politicians, anti-immigrant groups, and many of our fellow countrymen have decided they have no problem with this practice. Until we change that mentality we’ll truly never find a solution.

Immigrants, hot buttons and politics – Full Article
Jan. 9, 2008, 11:05PM

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I’ve done a disservice to Charles Bacarisse.

Some months ago, I wrote a scathing column questioning the motives of the Republican Harris County judge candidate for attacking documented immigrants. Yes, documented immigrants, the ones who jump through hoops and wait in long lines to come here legally.

At the time, I doubted the merits of his arguments and it seemed to me pure political opportunism for Bacarisse to use voters’ frustration with the illegal immigrant issue to target a mostly hard-working, law-abiding, taxpaying group of residents who just happened to have been born somewhere else.

After a few months of reflection, and recent developments on the issue, I have determined that I erred — not in my criticism of Bacarisse, but in not kicking him more swiftly in the rear the first time I took him to task.


6 thoughts on “Immigrants, hot buttons and politics – Houston Chronicle”

  1. No I don’t agree. The first step is for this country to take a more compassionate stance on immigration and actually practice what it preaches. Immigration is the foundation of the U.S.A. and should continue to be.

    These migrants are humans and children of God first. If they’re hungry and need to support themselves they should be able to do so. The law will not help you in the afterlife, but how you treat others will. So let’s find a compassionate way to deal with this issue.

    You get people to stop speeding, using drugs, talking on their cell phones while driving, or any other illegal activity and then we’ll talk about migrants entering the country without permission. Breaking the law is an American past time so stop using that as a reason to persecute migrants.

  2. Actually an argument could be made that the migrants home country should take a more compassionate stance and improve conditions so that migrants wouldn’t feel the need to flee.
    The “two wrongs don’t matter” approach is ridiculous. The migrants that made America great all obeyed the laws for migrating to this country and then dutifully became citizens. Or they went back to their country of origin.

    Making decisions only using your heart will only lead to your heart getting broken. You have to use logic as well. Logically if you want to increase lawfulness then promoting lawlessness won’t accomplish that.

    You’re not for promoting lawlessness now are you?

  3. Using irrational arguments won’t solve the problem just as my admitting that these migrants are breaking the law won’t either.

    The law is nobody’s master. We have a history of terrible laws – many have been eliminated or changed. In my world (where my heart is constantly broken) we wouldn’t need so many laws as they’re truly the result of people taking advantage of one another. Laws result from a general lack of morality and are used to keep that morality in check through punishment.

    You can spend all day arguing with me, but the fact is there are millions of undocumented migrants here and they’re not here to spite you or ruin your Friday night fun. Any attempt to convince me that they’re here to take advantage of us or “steal” from us is a waste of your time. I’ve read too much about the past and present to believe such nonsense.

    By your logic my advocating for these migrants means that I’m advocating for rapists and murderers too, or at least that’s what you’re trying to get at. It’s an absurd argument and my advocating for these migrants does not mean I am for law breakers. If you want to find lawbreakers just get in your car and drive. You’ll be surrounded by hundreds of them. You may even be one yourself.

  4. I don’t want to argue with you at all. A discussion isn’t an argument. Or is it? Regardless, migrants are here whether we like it or not. It’s just that you and anyone else who is an advocate for these people will gain more credibility if you couch the migration in terms of legalities. You may not like that America is a Republic with laws but you’re not going to get anywhere by ignoring that fact.

    I appreciate that you’re passionate and you’ve got your side. We disagree on the particulars but agree that America is a land made up of immigrants. Those immigrants in the past did it the right way. Today our Mexican brethren are doing it illegally (for the most part) and that is wrong.

    Would it HURT anything if you were to call for migrants to do it legally?

    I’m not trying to argue, and maybe I’ll learn something.

  5. I don’t use argument as a negative term. I’m referring to comments made in an effort to persuade one that doesn’t agree with you.

    I fully understand the law and the mindset of many people against illegal immigration. First and foremost this blog is meant to deter people from bashing migrants for coming here. They are not coming here to take from us as many of them contribute hard work just like the rest of us. They’re also human beings and deserve to be treated as such. Sadly this is not the case with many anti-“illegal” immigration groups. So that’s why I’m here.

    I’d love if all those here illegally were legal citizens and were allowed the opportunity to come here as such. However, I don’t believe people from Mexico are included in the lottery so they can only come here legally if a family member is already here. I understand that America is a nepotistic society and in regard to immigration it is rightfully so. However, a system that makes it almost impossible to migrant into this country without a family member already here is not exactly fare.

    We really have to look into the root causes of this situation to find a solution. Fences, dogs, motes or any other deterrent will not solve the problem they’ll simply make it more difficult to get in.

    Why are so many coming here?
    What responsibility to we have in the world market for this happening?
    What can we do not to change those governments that don’t take care their citizens, but to affect the change through our domestic action? Country’s have helped each other in these situation for many years. I believe that’s how we got the Statue of Liberty – by helping another nation’s people.

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