Don’t Take Your Problems Out On Migrants

Nobody on the pro-migrant side of this issue, that I’m aware of, is delusional about why many are upset with the current situation with undocumented migrants. Obviously there’s a problem when people choose to leave their native country, to come to another not even knowing if they’ll make it alive, to find work that’s not available in their homeland. I don’t romanticize about this. It’s terrible and the only way we’re going to make it better for everyone is to take compassionate steps and make compassionate decisions to help one another.

I was just reading through the VOPSUSA guestbook (it’s public) and found the following comment from their chairman. This type of call out to a group, from one with influence, is repulsive. Take your anger out on migrants? I really think his comment illustrates what’s happening in general in regard to this issue. Migrants are being used as scapegoats for all the problems the U.S. is going through now. Just as is stated below – if you have problems, blame it out on migrants.

Make your calls to congress and the senate at 1-877-841-6437 every time you have a headache, the credit card bill comes, or any other time you are unhappy! Don’t waste that neagtive energy! Place it in the ears of the traitors! Ready, set, ALAMO!!

Here’s the comments of another person who just recently posted:

I just wish Hazleton could get rid of its infestation problem, its a shame , this town use to be nice , now it looks like a dump since those people moved here.

This person claims Hazleton looks like a dump because of “those people.” I have been to Hazleton and it does look bad, but it’s mostly because many of the buildings look over thirty years old and not too well maintained. It looks like many other smaller towns I’ve come across all over this country. This person also uses the term “infestation” to describe the migrants in Hazleton. Did we “infest” American when we migrated here so many years ago? This negative term shows this person’s anger, but how will it help?

I know what this mindset is. Many in my own family have this same mindset and though I love them all I can do is try and rationalize with them. Fortunately this does work as I try to help them understand my point of view. Being that I was raised by these people I was obviously given some level of prejudice which I’ve worked to eliminate through a thought transfusion. Being rational and not letting propaganda seep into your mind are necessary to wash your mind of prejudice and racism. Taking out your problems on others is not very responsible. Rather than understanding our history and the fact that we continually repeat it when we attack migrants – many people just keep perpetuating this endless cycle of hatred. They scapegoat the newest in their community quickly noting that they are poor and/or struggling to get by. Rather than lending a high they make pariahs of them. Obviously a person coming from another country to find a better life is going to be poor. That’s why they’re here – to work hard and gain financial stability.

What these anti-“illegal” immigrant groups need to understand is that they are catering to a hateful mindset when their only solutions are to deport, build a fence, and others symptom only solutions to this issue. The U.S. has influence over the world and it’s time we wielded the influence of compassion to help one another. It is possible for us to all be happy, but negativity and hatred will not lead to it no more than evil deeds will lead us to Heaven.


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