Our Town Jersey – Can It Get Any Worse?

After two issue of inactivity it’s time for another episode of the Our Town Jersey roundup.

Our Town Jersey claims to be a community publication that gives voice to the many non-profit groups and churches in the areas it services. The Our Town Jersey I pick up in Chester, NJ states it services Chester, Denville, Dover, Jefferson, The Mendhams, Mine Hill, Mr. Arlington (yes it says Mr.), Mt. Olive, Netcong, Randolph, Rockaway, Roxbury, Washington and Warton. Now that’s fourteen different towns which I’d imagine hold many non-profits and churches. So why are there only four ads for non-profits in the latest issue of Our Town Jersey. As far as churches go there is only one ad for a church and the church directory. Is Our Town Jersey saying that this is all they could muster up? Of the hundreds of churches and non-profits in these towns collectively this is it? Having sixty-one advertisements in Our Town Jersey, I think it’s apparent who they’re courting to and it’s not the non-profit groups.

For a community magazine it’s strange that there’s no email address or phone number to call and give them information about your non-profit, but there are numbers and e-mail addresses if you want to advertise in Our Town Jersey.

It’s not. The purpose of Our Town Jersey, in my opinion, is not first and foremost to furnish communities with non-profit and church happenings, but it’s to fill it’s pages with as many paying advertisers as it can while leaving some room for Bob Beierle’s stories, social commentary and the various jokes he receives via chain e-mails.

Here are the jokes in the latest issue and I’m providing a link to Google to show they are nothing more than readily available chain e-mail style jokes.

A racist joke with a picture of a camel in a parking space stating “How to tell if there’s a terrorist at the airport.” (link)

”Blonde on an airplane”

Eight words with two meaning

The Winemaker and the Girl This is an especially hideous joke, because the assumption is that the girl is Jewish which brings up images of Anne Frank hiding from the Nazis.

An Unplanned Pregnancy This is the second time, in the last few months, this joke has been printed in Our Town Jersey.

30 Things You’ll Never Hear a Redneck Say


Not the Sharpest Tool in the Shed…

Irishman Stranded on a Desert Island

Outrageous Hotel Bill

This is a community publication?


1 thought on “Our Town Jersey – Can It Get Any Worse?”

  1. When this publication first started, it was pretty good. However, the jokes are starting to be horrible and like you said HIDEOUS. This paper is nothing but a way for Robert Beierle to be able to publish his rubbish and wacko views. I hope that our children and young adults are able to think for themselves and have enough sense to dismiss his Rubbish, his sick jokes and weird views. He is really way out there. Freedom of speech is just that, but when he puts down his readers for not agreeing with him and having a different opinion than his, then you know there is something wrong here.

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