Migrants “Destroying Our Way of Life.”

In a recent forum for candidates in Maryland’s first district one candidate stated that illegal immigration is “destroying our way of life.” Blaming undocumented migrants for the ruin of America is simply ridiculous. Honestly I don’t even know what “our way of life” is. Is it fast cars and fine cuisine or is it racist views and bigotry? Is it helping each other or trying to put our foot on the backs of everyone we can? Is the American way of life about taking responsibility and working toward positive change or is it blaming everyone else for your problems and waiting for a law to be passed or for the armed cavalry to be sent storming into your neighbor’s home?

“It’s destroying our way of life,” he said of illegal immigration. “It’s not helping us and it’s not helping illegals.” – From “Forum turns on economy, Iraq, immigration – The Baltimore Sun

I found this same sentiment in a Free Republic post.

The Democrats had the idea that embracing Illegals meant more votes for them, after all, they are the Party of Entitlements.

Some idiot in the GOP decided what works for the Rats should work for us..soooo, heck we’ll just go after their votes as well.

It’s all political posturing. And it’s destroying our way of life while mocking the rule of law.

Stop the Insanity!

When did protecting the rights of human beings become the destroying of our way of life?  It seems to me that protecting the rights of fellow human beings protects our way of life.  I suppose that some feel a new wave or prejudice and oppression will secure our “way of life” and make the U.S. a better place to live. 


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