Missouri and Kansas are pushing tougher laws on illegal immigration

There are a few quotes from this article that don’t quite make sense to me.

Missouri and Kansas are pushing tougher laws on illegal immigration – Full Article
The Kansas City Star
Posted on Fri, Jan. 25, 2008 10:15 PM

TOPEKA | With Congress on the sidelines, lawmakers in Kansas and Missouri say they have no choice but to make illegal immigration a target in 2008.In both states, legislators are pushing tougher laws. The measures — being considered in neighboring states and already passed in Oklahoma — range from increased authority for law enforcement to tougher rules for employers.

First is the one below which states that Scott Rupp has seen two instances of illegal immigrant labor. Does this mean he’s seen day laborers which he assumes are illegal or did he see an employer treating workers as slaves or involved in some other illegal form of labor practice?

“You’re seeing this now because this issue has hit the heartland,” said Sen. Scott Rupp, a Wentzville, Mo., Republican who said he had seen two instances of illegal immigrant labor in his home district.

Next is the tired arguments that this country is based on immigrant, but they were “legal” immigrants. Anyone that has studied the immigration policy of the U.S. and understands that laws change from time to time through necessity would realize this argument makes no sense. Why it is still used is beyond me. I believe, as others do, that this is simply a means to negatively polarize this issue and anger the public into believing these migrants are somehow the reason for all our problems.

“We are a country that’s based on immigrants, but they were legal immigrants, and they assimilated,” said Rep. Brenda Landwehr, a Wichita Republican and the sponsor of a comprehensive immigration-reform plan. “The question is, when is it good public policy to reward illegal behavior?”


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