Chicago church offers sanctuary to 2nd illegal immigrant – Chicago Tribune

Follow-up to yesterday’s post about Flor Crisostomo who will take sanctuary in a Chicago church to avoid being deported.

Chicago church offers sanctuary to 2nd illegal immigrant – Chicago Tribune

By Tara Malone | Tribune reporter
January 28, 2008

The tiny storefront church that sheltered Elvira Arellano in yearlong defiance of a federal deportation order is poised to give sanctuary to another undocumented immigrant facing deportation, church leaders said Sunday.

Flor Crisostomo, 28, said she is slated to surrender to federal immigration authorities Monday, an order that followed her 2006 arrest during a nationwide raid of the IFCO Systems pallet company that netted 26 illegal immigrant workers in Chicago.


14 thoughts on “Chicago church offers sanctuary to 2nd illegal immigrant – Chicago Tribune”

  1. That church should lose it’s TAX EXEMPT status IMMEDIATELY…the pastor and any who aid him should be arrested for “aiding and abetting” a criminal.

    We are a nation of laws…and everyone must abide by them…even the Mexicans!

  2. I guess that’s the answer to making this world a better place. It’s truly all about ones tax exempt status and being in a country without proper documents. Why not just shoot them?

    If one more person says this is a nation of laws I’m going to go insane. I was just in Morristown over the weekend and nobody would stop for pedestrians where there was a huge sign saying it is the law that you must do so. There I was stopped on the left hand side and cars were just whizzing by while a woman stood waiting to cross. Nation of laws? Go tell the countless citizens that fail to recognize that everyday. Why aren’t you standing at crosswalks yelling at cars for breaking the law?

    I’ve never heard of a rally against speeders where a groups of people protests at intersections yelling at cars. Are speeders not breaking the law? What about all the trash and cigarette butts on the sides of the road. Is littering not against the law? Did those people not get your memo that we’re “a nation of laws”?

  3. Is the best thing about the US really it’s laws?

    O say, does that star spangled law book yet wave
    O’er the land of the law, and the home of the lawful

    Nah, I like it the first way. 😦

    Anyway, thanks for the update. I’m really in love with this church. THIS is civil disobedience, this is what changes things.

  4. If she was so destitute in 2000 where did she get the money and means to pay coyotes? Her income figures beg credulity. She took home $360.00 dollars a week and only kept $60.00 for herself….her kids must be playing polo and going to a country club in Mexico by now!

    While working here illegally; she undercut an American citizen that could have worked that job and my guess is that tomorrow we will get the details about the fraud she commited related to her employment.

    Flor, you CAN NOT tell me or my countrymen what we should, or should not do in order to please you. What audacity to demand our pity and compliance with what you want out of us. It is all about her now; a minor celeb (very minor).

    ICE, please deport her at once and make make the whiny demands of US citizens go away with her!! WTF is she actually protesting, that we have laws and she is subject to them?

    Hoping this royally backfires on her. BTW her children won’t be getting their $150.00 per child, per week anymore. They probably have lived better than many US citizen kids….It is infuriating! What email and letter writing campaign is she about anyway? One to take over the US with bossy phony BS?

  5. People like Elvira and Flor got a lot of nerve telling me what my country means. My guess is that a lot of her supporters have NO IDEA what she stands for. So here she is, in her own words, from Pueblos Sin Fronteras manifesto…

    “…We have supported self-determination and opposed assimilation into this nation’s individualistic, imperialistic values. We have taught that our people did not come here because of the American Dream but because of what the American nightmare did to our countries of origin. We have asserted that our demand to be here and to be fully enfranchised here is a right not a privilige and a destiny of our people to transform this nation.”

    THAT IS WHAT THIS IS ABOUT. It has nothing to do with “reuniting families” or any of that garbage and everything to do with the cultural overthrow of the United States of America by Mexican Socialists. That’s not my opinion. That’s a fact. Look it up.

  6. What does your country mean? I’d like to know.

    As far as her family playing polo back in Mexico – you know that makes no sense and it just goes to show how you think. Your assumption that $300 devalued U.S. dollars will make you rich back in Mexico is absurd.

    Finally, I’m sorry, but this is not about overthrowing the United States. That’s a convenient argument that you can possibly back up with some quotes, but the truth is we’re talking about oppressed people who just want to survive like the rest of us. I wouldn’t worry about that because it’s us that overthrow countries and replace their leaders.

  7. Take a good look at my name, “Rosales”, yes it’s latin in origin. I still say send them all back! I have generations of family either here or waiting to come here and its’ people like her “by the millions” I might add, that make my name look bad!
    How is it fair to us citizens that she shacked up in a 2 room apartment and cheated other cook county tax payers out of their share of property tax payments, and you wonder why the county is raising taxes! This woman and all other illegals are more of a drain on our society than convicts that help generate tax revenue by their incarcerations. I was at a county hospital facilites the other day, I was apauled at all of the people that had medic cards and government insurance and they DID NOT HAVE TO PAY FOR IT, WE DID< THE TAX PAYING CITIZENS!! how is that fair to myself and 300 million other TAX PAYING CITIZENS that have to pay for our insurance?
    IF they get the insurance for free
    I m calling BCBS right away!
    I m calling Uncle Sam first thing.
    If we allow them to get away with it than I want to get away with it too!
    I m selling crack tomorrow
    Where do I go to throw away my citizenship and start living the “American Dream”
    Work here TAX free,
    Get Great Medical coverage for free,
    and LIVE TAX FREE.
    Just because the country fights for FREEDOM, does not mean you can come and go FREE! Everyone must pay their dues.

  8. What about going after the people who employed this woman and must have been paying her under the table for years. There by cheating the goverment out of tax money. She in turn cheated the government too. Yet she wants to be a citizen of this country and her first attempt at such is through illegal means. Throw her ass out and shut that church down. This is not the medevil times where people are afraid to enter a house of God. The whole situation makes me sick. The church should lose its’ charter and the reverand/pastor should be jailed as well.

  9. symsess, you oppress US citizens with your misplaced ,misguided rherotic. US ciitizens have more say-so than someone whose resume is seven years of illegal squatting.

    $150.00 per week, per child sent to a poor community IS A LOTof money. If we had 100% adequate jobs etc for citizens THEN we could look at possible generous immigrant options.

    Instead we have bossy illegal chicks trying to stuff our gullet with inaccurate, smaltzy, self-serving tripe!

    I do know how I think. I think citizens out-rank non- citizens…riddle me that one! I would not dream of going to Oaxaca Mexico and expecting them to listen to my list of woes and demanding they fix things to suit me! Start caring more about citizens in poverty and need first, symsess

  10. I know you wouldn’t go to Mexico and do that. Why would you need to? You have a comfortable life in the most powerful nation on the planet.

    How did we get to be so powerful?

  11. K L Rosales,

    I don’t doubt that people of the same ethnic background can hate one another. It doesn’t matter to me that your Hispanic. All that matters is how you treat other people.

    They do not make your name look bad. Only people with hate in the hearts would dare look at you with disdain because of your name. If they look at you this way because of undocumented migrants – that’s just what I call an excuse to hate. They want to feel negatively towards people different from themselves and this issue just gives them license to and has you scared that they’ll do the same to you. That’s exactly why I created this blog – to try and put an end to that terrible practice.

    I truly don’t understand your rant and you clearly have no facts about this situation. Every statement you’ve made is simply a parroting of the propaganda being handed out by anti-migrant groups.

    It’s simple to understand my viewpoint. Treat each other with respect and compassion. Once we get that down then we can make some great things happen.

  12. Hey Sim,


    Insane yet? 🙂

    People are prosecuted every day for speeding and failing to yield the right of way to pedestrians.

    I’d suggest you google “citizens arrest” and try it sometime.

    Your argument is thin… anorexic. faulty. lame.

    Do the crime, do the time.


  13. Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s; hand her over.

    The US Constitution guarantees equal protection under and equal subjection to the law. This woman, church, and all their supporters are the enemies of equality. Why should they get to break the law and not others?

  14. Treat others with respect? So what about the 20 million who disrespect not only every American citizen but others who come here the right way? They can show their respect by going back to where they belong –that would indeed be a great thing happening.

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