Senate passes bill aimed at illegal workers – Journal & Courier

I find it disappointing that it’s simply assumed that any company employing undocumented workers is taking advantage for them. I’m sure there are many that are in fact taking advantage, but not all of them are.

I also find it funny that Americans are costly searching for the lowest price yet they don’t understand why a company can’t afford to pay a fair wage. Big businesses have tons of money, sure, but many of the businesses being targeted here are much smaller. In a movie about Wal-Mart title “Wal-Mart – The High Cost of Low Prices” they showed a segment of the Jon Stewart show where a woman couldn’t believe they were hiring undocumented workers. Jon Steward replied – “You didn’t understand? Lady you just bought a sweater for sixteen cents.”

Obviously Wal-Mart is not a small company, but the point is people are so quick to just be angry rather than thinking about a proper solution. If you want a company to give fair wages and benefits to their employees then stop asking for everything so cheap. It’s strange that no matter how terrible people prove Wal-Mart to be they continue to have jam-packed parking lots. The same company that once was so proud to support U.S. businesses now supports slave labor in other countries – and people continue to buy, buy, buy.

Senate passes bill aimed at illegal workers – Journal & Courier
PUBLISHED: 01-30-08 8:03 AM

INDIANAPOLIS – The state must crack down on companies hiring illegal immigrants because the federal government is not doing so, lawmakers said Tuesday as the Senate passed a contentious immigration bill.

The GOP-led Senate voted 37-11 for the proposal, which would only affect workers hired after Sept. 30, 2009. The bill would set up a three-tier punishment system for employers who knowingly hire illegal workers after that date. With three violations in 10 years, a company could lose its business license.


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