Presidential Candidates and Immigration – Numbers USA

Inspired by a recent post on the Damn Mexicans blog quoting Roy Beck of Numbers USA as stating the following against McCain’s recent victories:

“The older Republicans who are still very angry at Bush about the amnesty issue have lost sight of the integral role McCain had in all of that,”

I’ve spoken about Numbers USA in the past and many anti-immigrant or “illegal” immigrant groups do support this groups goals. One of those goals includes reducing legal immigration. So how is it that these groups can claim they support legal immigration? This chart, on Numbers USA’s website, clearly shows that they do not support legal immigration. Clicking on this chart you can see that the page is titled “Americans for Better Immigration.” What exactly is better immigration? I suppose to Roy Beck and Numbers USA it’s little to no immigration.

This chart has a row titled “Reduce Legal Immigration” which scores each candidate on this issue. But isn’t legal immigration already somewhat minimal – at least it is for those south of our border where many of the migrants are coming from now. Some more of the rows in this chart include: “End Chain Migration”, “End Visa Lottery”, “Control Foreign Worker Numbers”, “No Citizenship to Birth by Illegal Aliens”. Does this sound like a pro-“legal” migrant group to you? Well I guess you could say yes understanding that there will no longer be any legal migrants aside from those already lucky enough to have made it before Numbers USA gets their way. So why do the many supposedly pro-“legal” immigration groups not see the real motivation behind another of John Tanton’s anti-immigrant super groups?

I always thought that being Republican meant you supported less government. Well, this apparently pro Mitt Romney group is asking that immigration be enforced at the local level. As a matter of fact they are asking for so much enforcement that we might as well just get micro-chipped now to make it easier for us “legal” citizens to keep from being harassed. (Slight exaggeration, sure, but do you look like a “legal” immigrant? I’m not so sure that I do.) How do you enforce immigration laws and effectively remove so many undocumented workers from our country? Well, as I see it, you either stop every last person and demand verification or you just stop the one you think “look” as if they’re here without documentation.

For those that have seen Roy Beck’s video “Immigration Gumballs” you know that he tries to argue that by allowing migrants to come here so freely then eventually everyone needing help in the world will end up in America. He tries to scare his audience into believing that we must throw up walls before every poor and needy person in the world end up on our shores. I believe most of us realize that argument is ridiculous.

Here are two other posts where I speak of Numbers USA:

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So when you’re looking for a candidate and you believe we need real change in this country let’s see what our options are: On the left we have the possibility of making history and getting real change. On the right we have a bunch of old white men. I think you all know where I’m voting. See you on Tuesday.


2 thoughts on “Presidential Candidates and Immigration – Numbers USA”

  1. On ABC news 2/2/08 Barack Obama said that “Me and Senator McCain, and Senator Kennedy work on the Immigration reform bill together” and “Me and Senator McCain’s immigration bills are very similar except for the drivers license issue” Obama is for giving illegal immigrants drivers licenses.

  2. I have to admit, I’m entertained that Numbers thought they could take McCain down. Beck needs to realize that not all republicans are as bigoted as he is and most rank and file republicans would be ashamed to be associated with his anti-immigration organization (that’s right it’s anti-immigration, Beck wants to reduce legal immigration as well).

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