Immigration Misfire – Wall Street Journal

For those of us in support of our migrant friends the recent elections are a good sign that many Americans feel as we do. Though many of us have had to look into the fiery eyes of anti-immigrant groups and their ever so loud opinions on this issue we’ve always felt that there was indeed a light at the end of the tunnel. As vehement and hateful as many of these groups are their attempts to scare the public to their views have only scared the public away from them. Many of those involved in these groups are so full of hate they cannot even see this. They don’t understand why the voters are not supporting candidates that propose a harsh stance against undocumented migrants.

Immigration Misfire – Wall Street Journal
February 5, 2008; Page A16

Political pundits used to maintain that the American electorate was galvanized around the issue of illegal immigration. Voters, they claimed, would punish any candidate who failed to take a tough stance on immigrants and did not adamantly oppose the “A” word — Amnesty — in all its tortured definitions.

Yet a funny thing happened in Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and Florida. The most anti-immigrant candidates performed below expectations, and those accused of supporting amnesty and in-state tuition for undocumented immigrants won.

This article speaks of Mitt Romney’s campaign that has been driven by anti-immigrant rhetoric:

While Mr. Romney’s campaign must be disappointed with the election results so far, it is immigrants themselves who’ve suffered the most from the divisive offensive on immigration. Congress shelved comprehensive reform last summer, as many members became convinced that helping immigrants, even when it is in our nation’s interest, was politically untenable. Inflammatory rhetoric has also led to a dramatic increase in hate crimes and racial profiling against Latinos, according to the FBI and the Southern Poverty Law Center.

In 2008, our country needs a leader who will unite Americans, not divide them; one that honors the hard work and patriotism of immigrants, not holds them out for public scorn. Even if pundits, bloggers and talk show hosts can’t seem to get this message in their heads, the American public is speaking through their votes. They are choosing candidates who offer hope and solutions, not the politics of fear.


2 thoughts on “Immigration Misfire – Wall Street Journal”

  1. Immigration is absolutely what makes our country great! However, illegal immigration is a different issue. There is a process that one must go through upon entering our country. My father went through this process. He loved our country and was proud to be a citizen. Why would people want their first act upon entering the country to be a crime??? Come join us… but do it the right way… legally. Then we would love to have you here and be proud that you are also part of our country.

  2. My main goal here is to reduce the vilification of migrants and show that they do not deserve to be stereotypes. Sure, they’re here against the law, but let’s face it, many people break the law.

    My favorite example is traffic law. You could easily say “man, we like having you here in the office, but why did you want to start your day off breaking the law by speeding?” Laws can be changed and immigration laws definitely need to be.

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