Savage: “America’s not ready for an affirmative action presidency”

Savage: “America’s not ready for an affirmative action presidency” – Media Matters
On the February 1 broadcast of The Savage Nation, host Michael Savage stated that the Democratic presidential nominating contest “is, or can be seen as, the first affirmative action election in American history.”

He added: “When they are heard from, the affirmative action ticket goes down in flames. … I don’t really care who’s gonna be on the other side, they win. America’s not ready for an affirmative action presidency. I stand by those words.”

I’d imagine anyone that agrees with some of my views doesn’t care much for Michael Savage. Here’s just one more reason to worry about this man. When given two highly capable and intelligent candidates Savage simply reduces them to a woman and a black man citing affirmative action. Not only does he attempt to discredit the Democrats and those that vote for them, but he also attempts to ridicule the fact that a woman and a black man are their top two choices. What’s most strange about Savage (more so than the fact that he changed his name, for the radio, from a docile Weiner to the more aggressive Savage.) is the fact that he has an audience.

Those that appose affirmative action believe it gives minorities an unfair advantage when seeking employment. This of course is strange because its creation was the result of white men having almost exclusive rights to every available job. (Well those where other white men did the hiring.) Opponents assert that affirmative action puts lesser qualified men and women into jobs over white male competition. Personally I believe, like with many hateful campaigns, is simply a way to lament about how it’s everybody else’s’ fault.

Given that anyone is more qualified and intelligent than Bush I’d have to strongly disagree with any notion of affirmative action in this presidential race. I’d say Savage should be ashamed of himself, but truly he has no shame at all and says anything to provoke in order to retain listeners. Savage understands how to get listeners which is why he goes by Savage in the first place. He understands that his right-wing audience doesn’t want to listen to a Weiner. Just like many other aggressively Republican and right-wing radio talk show hosts I’m not even certain where his desire for ratings ends and his sincerity begins.


2 thoughts on “Savage: “America’s not ready for an affirmative action presidency””

  1. The only problem with affirmative action is that those minorities who have succeeded by virtue of their talent and hard work will always be tainted with the affirmative action label.
    This is a major problem with the politics of identification, and I am of the belief that it began with Johnson’s Great Society. While a very noble undertaking it may have been responsible for the destruction, in part, of the familial structure of our most put upon economic classes. Irrespective of race.

  2. It’s the people who are most opposed to affirmative action that like to claim any successful minority only got here becasue of it. That’s their problem for being so close minded.

    Have you looked up Barrack Obama on conservapeida?
    I don’t want to do them a favor by linking to it. It’s revolting. they claim he only got this far in life only because of affirmative action. They have the nerve to claim he only got into Harvard Law because of affirmative action, never mind that even they cannot deny he graduated with honors from Harvard Law.

    I myself have mixed feeling about ethnic based affirmative action but when I read comments such as these, it makes me want to expand affirmative action because it reminds me of the bigotry that is still out there.

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