Shore issue: illegal immigration – Baltimore Sun

This article is troubling right from the beginning as it states “Increase in foreign workers troubles residents.” What exactly is troubling about “foreign workers” and what does “foreign” actually mean?

Shore issue: illegal immigration – Baltimore Sun
Increase in foreign workers troubles residents

By Chris Guy | Sun reporter
February 7, 2008

TODD POINT – Phil Spedden is a regular on the “liars bench” next to a roaring wood stove where locals have gathered daily for nearly 60 years in John Lewis’ Grocery. They gossip, swap stories, sip coffee and wrangle over politics as somebody throws another log on the fire.

Apparently foreign means illegal.

Voters who will cast ballots in the primary Tuesday see a growing number of foreign workers in their communities around the Eastern Shore and think of them as illegal.

This line firmly illustrates the issue many pro-migrants groups are up against. These people “see a growing number of foreign workers in their communities…….and think of them as illegal.” Does this mean they are illegal? I’m not sure when originating from another country automatically made you “illegal”, but apparently to Phil Spedden and those residents of Eastern Shore he claims to represent that is that case.

The article goes on to state:

Around here, “illegal” means criminal, and foreign workers and their families who come here without proper papers should not receive education, health care and other benefits, Spedden and many others say.

So apparently foreign means “illegal” and “illegal” means criminal. So are all foreigners criminals? Well, the way this article is written you’d think so.

Apparently this baseless comparison isn’t enough for them. The people in this article have also taken to placing sombreros on their local candidates which they feel favor undocumented migrants.

One – featuring photos of two 1st District candidates and Gov. Martin O’Malley wearing sombreros – suggests that all three favor government support of illegal immigrants and says, “Say NO to the Three Amigos.”

This is why I find it very hard to believe any anti-“illegal” immigrant person or group who claims that they are not against Hispanics, but simply against “illegal” immigration. I think it’s very clear what the motivation of many of these groups are.


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