DHS Official Accused of Misleading – Washington Post

DHS Official Accused of Misleading – Washington Post

Party Photos Reveal Worker’s Dark Makeup That Myers Denied NoticingJulie L. Myers gave this worker a “most original costume” award at a DHS Halloween party. Myers said she hadn’t known he was wearing makeup. (Immigration And Customs Enforcement Obtained Through A Freedom Of Information Act Request)

By Spencer S. Hsu
Washington Post Staff Writer
Friday, February 8, 2008; Page A06

Democratic lawmakers yesterday accused Julie L. Myers, an assistant secretary of homeland security, of misleading Congress after photographs emerged of Myers at an office Halloween party honoring a white employee dressed as an escaped prisoner with dreadlocks and makeup that made him look African American or Hispanic.

The Halloween photos recently released showing Julie Myers posing next to a white man dressed (up to and including coloring his skin) as a black criminal are disturbing. Julie claims to have immediately ordered the photos destroyed after she realized that the costume was inappropriate and in bad taste, but this realization didn’t come until after she had awarded him a “most original costume” award. If his costume is in any way original then that’s not saying much for originality in the U.S. I tend to think we’re a little more creative. She certainly was when she had to account for her actions.

This same group with a member who believes dressing as a black convict is a good idea and others who awarded his behavior represent the arm of our government we trust to enforce our immigration laws. Is this mistakes are ok we’ll fix ’em later approach the same one they use when they’re conducting raids. You may remember the story not too long ago where one ICE officer called the local police and invited them to join one of the raids saying it would be “a good time.” So what’s going on with this group and why do they appear to be extremely prejudiced with some in their ranks even a bit racist? It’s important to note the number of people involved in these incidents. Do they speak of the whole or the group’s management? We have three ICE officials giving another ICE employee an award for dressing as a black convict. We also have ICE officers trying to coax local officers into attending an immigration raid claiming it’ll be fun. How much do we not know and how many offenses are never reported?


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