Flor Crisostomo – “Immigration Laws Must Be Enforced”

Immigration laws must be enforced – Chicago Daily Herald
Published: 2/9/2008 12:09 AMImmigration laws without enforcement aren’t worth the paper on which they are written.

Case in point is our newest sanctuary-seeking illegal named Flor Crisostomo.

Here’s a letter to the editor sent in to the Chicago Daily Herald that illustrates some of the negative feelings people have towards undocumented migrants. In the text I quote above this person refers to Flor as an “illegal”. “Illegal” is not a noun and it only serves to mock and ridicule another human being. It’s really no different than other hateful words this country has conjured up for those it wanted to put down. I’m not going to get into those words, but I’m sure you know what I mean. In this letter the author uses the word illegal as a noun many times over.

This person then states:

Flor, you have had eight years of abusing my tax dollars and breaking the U.S. laws. You should go home. I’m sure your kids miss you after eight long years.

This is another problem with many that show hatred toward undocumented migrants. They think they don’t pay taxes for some strange reason. The truth is many, if not most, do pay taxes are not “abusing” anyones tax dollars. If anyone is abusing our tax dollars it’s the government.

There is no need to give the lawbreakers any warning. After all, they used subversive tactics to gain entry into the U.S. I’m sure Mexico wouldn’t treat me so kindly if the situation were reversed.

Here this person’s blind rage has them throwing out habeas corpus and due trial as a means to deal with undocumented migrants. (Should we do this for all “criminals” or just those people here “illegally”.) At what point is it determined that you are here “illegally”? There are many cases of people wrongly accused of being undocumented in this country. This person also attempts to tell us what it would be like in Mexico, yet they have no ability to realize what it must be like to be Flor. What is she going through?

Finally, to top it off, we get this statement:

Shame on us for allowing any illegal to break our laws and our inability to follow-up on an arrest.

Well, we can say shame on us for a lot of things, but this isn’t one of them. I say shame on us for encouraging a world where people feel they must risk their lives in order to support their families. Sadly, this letter does detail how some people feel about undocumented migrants and it’s not very nice at all.


7 thoughts on “Flor Crisostomo – “Immigration Laws Must Be Enforced””

  1. Mexicans should be fighting against their own government in Mexico for better work opportunities and better way of life. The US already has enough problems to deal with than to be forced to solve the problem of the Corrupt government of Mexico. And you, who ever you are, who is writing this blog, let tell you something: stupidity has no cure.

  2. I guess neither does your anger.

    The U.S., as the world’s most influential and powerful country, must do more to help other countries rather than send them into a spiral of senseless war and peril.

    If our government signs agreements with Mexico that hurt the people of Mexico then we need to take some responsibility too. It would be great to think the people of Mexico could rise up and change things, but we can’t even do that here so how do expect them to?

  3. Flor,

    You’re missing the point here. You are NOT an undocumented migrant, you’re a criminal. In the USA, it’s a CRIME to cross our borders without asking permission.

    What you did and what you help others do is the same as crawling in a bedroom window in the middle of the night compared to knocking on the front door at noon.

    You’re a CRIMINAL. Criminals go to JAIL. It has nothing WHATSOEVER to do with your hispanic heritage.

    You’re just another simple criminal stealing services from the American taxpayer.

    Ain’t about race, ain’t about color, ain’t about language. It’s about taking what’s not yours, taking without asking permission.

    Go to Jail.

  4. Symsess,

    My, my, my, what a confused socialist you are.

    The USA is not responsible for the well-being of their neighbor to the south. We’re too busy with our own.

    It is the right and the responsibility of ALL Mexicans to RISE UP and take over their country, take it from it’s corrupt government and return it to it’s people.

    Revolution ain’t easy, Baby, fix yours and quit coming up here and stealing mine.

    Viva la Revolution, eh? Buy a Che t-shirt and kick some corrupt politician’s ass.

  5. Flor,

    Your knowledge of the US version of the English language is in need of exercise/repair. The current Websters has an entry for the word “illegal” being a noun.

    Main Entry:

    : an illegal immigrant

    Get used to it darlin’, English is a living, evolving language.


    Live the truth, Baby, it’ll set you free.

  6. What you did and what you help others do is the same as crawling in a bedroom window in the middle of the night compared to knocking on the front door at noon.

    This is a shady comparison and makes little sense. Comparing entering this country with entering one’s home is akin to comparing entering one’s home to entering one’s body without permission. It makes little sense.

    Isn’t 1939 round about the time of “Operation Wetback?” The point isn’t that the dictionary doesn’t define it as such it’s that the term is cruel and shouldn’t be used to describe a person. Why isn’t a person speeding down the freeway an illegal or a person who’s committed a serious “real” crime?

    Generally I like to believe in universal truths like all men are created equal, but hey that’s just me. And I also like to believe that as brothers and sisters in humanity we’d look out for an take care of one another, but I know that’s a god awful thought.

    The USA is not responsible for the well-being of their neighbor to the south. We’re too busy with our own.

    And you say I’m confused? You obviously don’t pay attention to U.S. foreign policy and foreign aid. The truth is we are already involved in others countries and it’s time to get more responsible about it. What’s more, since so much of what we buy comes from abroad it’s high time people stop supporting slave labor (which helps our neighbors to the south).

    There are many paths to take here, but the basic fork in the road is you either support humanity and morality or you choose to demonize everyone that doesn’t agree with you thus creating factions, hate and intolerance.

  7. Who demonized?

    Have you noticed that you exaggerate the hell out of the words of those who disagree with you?

    How DARE YOU bring up “wetback”. I didn’t say it, I disagree with the term and find it offensive.

    Whether you like it or not, the word “illegal” has a noun usage and denotes illegal alien. Don’t insult me for pointing out reality, honey, take it up with Webster, they wrote the book.

    And eschew pulling the wetback card. It insults me and makes you look desperate and childish.

    I don’t demonize illegals, I simply feel that if we have a law and fail to enforce it, then we are foolish. Ergo, we punish those who break laws in accordance with the penalties set forth in said law.

    If you speed down the freeway in excess of the legal limit, then you are indeed guilty of speeding, and you get the proscribed ticket. At the time, you are an illegal driver.

    If you break into someone elses home uninvited, ala the window analogy, then you have committed a crime. If you put the lives of those who live there in fear, then you may pay a high penalty, otherwise you just go to jail. You are guilty of illegal entry.

    If you pay a coyote to take you across the US border, you are GUILTY of illegal immigration. Obviously you know it’s a crime cuz you didn’t walk across the border legally and get your green card, you lie, cheat and steal your way across.

    You are guilty of illegal immigration and are an ILLEGAL.

    Simple, isn’t it???

    How does the history of US Foreign Policy make us RESPONSIBLE for the well being of other nations?

    Just cuz I give money to someone begging at a stop sign or on the corner doesn’t make me RESPONSIBLE for their well-being. Just cuz I give clothing to ARC and Goodwill doesn’t make me RESPONSIBLE for the well-being of all who benefit from them.

    It’s called CHOICE, not RESPONSIBILITY…

    If you feel so responsible, why don’t you drive the deserts with water and food rather than just sitting on your ample good fortune and typing. You’re not going to effect change by simply talking about it,. get off your posterior and do something meaningful.

    Give the parched some water, and give the hungry some food.

    And point them south.

    Finally, I don’t demonize anyone. I just expect people to follow the rules, and to suffer the expected consequences when they don’t.

    Simple law and order, Babe. Simple law and order. Without it we have anarchy.

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