Immigration bill would shift duties to local police – Indianapolis Star

Now I hate to question the police officers motive in pulling this van over, but I see more people refuse to signal than actually do signal and I’m fairly sure most police officers let it go – Not that anyone should be riding in a van holding nine more passengers than it was designed to. Of course, that’s dangerous.

Immigration bill would shift duties to local police – Indianapolis Star
By Dan McFeely
February 10, 2008

Two dozen Hispanic men, women and children were packed, actually stacked, inside the Chevy van, unbuckled and motoring down I-70 in Plainfield.

Sheriff’s Deputy Brandon Adams pulled the van over because the driver changed lanes without signaling. After seeing it was jam-packed, he checked for identifications, suspecting some of the people in the vehicle might be illegal immigrants. He was right, but there wasn’t much he could do except call immigration authorities.

Speaking of local officers enforcing immigration law this article states:

It’s an expansion of law enforcement powers that has raised concerns among civil rights and Hispanic activists who fear police will racially profile suspects and possibly trample on the rights of legal residents based on their looks.

Speaking of this incident as if it is all too common Senator Mike Delph stated:

“(This) incident clearly demonstrates the need for enforcement of our nation’s immigration laws to uphold not only the rule of law, but the rights of human beings,” Delph said. “No one should be crammed into a passenger van with 19 other people and smuggled into the country.”

Was it two dozen or nineteen and how does this incident demonstrate any such thing? Maybe rather than a rally cry for deportation and new laws this is an opportunity to help these people rather than just get rid of them. Some of these migrants are definitely being forced into situations that nobody should be in. I know it’s not safe to stack people in a vehicle and everyone in that van had their lives put in danger. If you ask me, instead of this demonstrating how local officers should be enforcing immigration law it demonstrates how we should be helping our friends and neighbors solve this issue. (Really it just demonstrates that people shouldn’t be riding in unsafe conditions, but I understand that this is about migrants and not traffic laws.)

What we have here is a group of Hispanic men, women and children in a van on one side and nativist minded, anti-“illegal” immigrant, groups on the other. Which should we be more afraid of? The anger from the nativist groups tells me they deserve my fear more than any migrant looking for a job. Why not just try and help these friends of ours rather than just looking to enact the next law that will probably serve nothing but to bring more hatred.


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