Illegal immigration bill is about human rights, not racism, author says – Indianapolis Star

In a strange turn of events cracking down on undocumented migrants has now become part of the struggle for human rights. Huh?

If this Senator Mike Delph was truly seeking to go to bat for human rights he’d be pushing for immigration reform that provided a pathway to citizenship. It simply blows my mind that anyone would fall for the ridiculous assertion that he’s fighting for human rights here.

Illegal immigration bill is about human rights, not racism, author says – Indianapolis Star
February 11, 2008

Question: Critics have said Senate Bill 335 is bad for Indiana. Why do you think it is good?
Answer: I think any time you are trying to enforce the rule of law, it’s a good thing. For companies to knowingly and willingly hire illegal immigrants for profit, bringing illegal immigrants into a culture that is not free, denying them basic human rights, I think (the bill is) the right thing to do.
I challenge all Hoosiers to stand up with me in this human rights issue, this national security issue, this basic fairness issue to Hoosier taxpayers. Hoosier taxpayers should not bear the economic costs to illegal immigration, and they do each and every day through the school system, through health care, through the incarceration of illegal immigrants in our prison system.

I believe this senator is falsely accusing undocumented migrants for economic issues in the area he represents.  Migrants actually put money in to the communities they live and work in.  His assertion that they are “taking” from taxpayers is unfounded and a big problem in this debate.

The problem that I have is when companies knowingly and willingly profit from below-market-cost labor. I just don’t think that’s right, and I think it’s a terrible message to send to younger people.

What about the companies that aren’t paying below market wages? Can those migrants stay here or his Mike’s crusade really just going after anyone regardless of their salary? Obviously he can’t pick and choose which undocumented migrants or businesses to go after. It’s either all or none. Obviously abuses of undocumented migrants range from forced labor to sexual exploitation. However, not all undocumented migrants are being abused. Many of them are working for a wage that many citizens would consider fair.

His next comments are truly disturbing to me and make no sense in this argument. First and foremost because his bill does not address the reasons undocumented migrants are willing to risk death to come here for employment. If he really cared about human rights he’d at least speak to that point.

There is a provision that I wrote without any prodding from anybody, . . . and it says that this bill will not be enforced based upon national origin or ethnic identity, or words to that effect. And I feel very strongly about that.

You know, Dr. Martin Luther King had a dream that one day all men would be judged on the content of their character and not the color of their skin. Wouldn’t it be nice if we woke up one day and we didn’t look around and say, “That person has darker skin, he must be illegal,” or “That person has a different accent, he must be illegal?”

That is one of the benefits of this legislation, because it puts us under the rule of law and gets us away from these stereotypes that I think is very detrimental to our culture.

It’s strikes me odd that he has to point out his bill isn’t enforced based on national origin or ethnic identity. No kidding. That’s against the law and isn’t it the “law” he’s trying to uphold here?  The fact that he needs to mention this truly speaks to the situation and what’s really happening here. Hispanics are being persecuted.

He then quotes Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. stating we should judge others on the content of their character. Well how is deporting hard working people judging them on the content of their character? Ok, there here without permission, but what have they risked in order to come here? Why would they take such a risk? I say it’s because they have strong character which tells them they must risk everything to provide for themselves and their families.

He says his bill puts us under the rule of law. Aren’t we already under the rule of law? How does his bill change that? It simply makes the law locally enforceable. For him to think his bill will remove stereotypes is as ridiculous as it gets. If anything it will enforce the stereotype as people begin pointing at others and claiming they’re here illegally.

If this senator truly cared about human rights he wouldn’t just pass bills that do nothing to truly correct this situation. I can’t imagine anyone on either side of this debate thinks it’s great that people are risking their lives to come here and many die in the process. Why not find ways to help people rather than just punish them with new local laws? I truly don’t understand.


2 thoughts on “Illegal immigration bill is about human rights, not racism, author says – Indianapolis Star”

  1. Thanks for your words. It is truly the silly season here Indiana. Wish us luck. Check out my blog about what happened yesterday down at the Indiana Statehouse.

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