Mexican Prez Decries Anti-Immigrant Tone – AP

I know that most anti-Mexico people are beside themselves anytime a current or former member of the Mexican government comes in to the U.S. and gives their opinion on immigration, but there is certainly some truth in what Calderon is saying here.

Mexican Prez Decries Anti-Immigrant Tone – AP

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. (AP) — Mexican President Felipe Calderon on Monday decried anti-immigrant perceptions in the United States and argued that Mexican immigrants complement American workers.

On his first trip to the U.S. as Mexico’s president, Calderon said he is working to combat anti-Americanism in Mexico and to improve job prospects there to reduce migration. He said he hopes that Americans resist anti-Mexican sentiments.

There is clearly anti-Mexican sentiment showing its face in this country side by side with the current debate on immigration. I truly believe the debate on immigration as simply become an excuse for people that have a disliking for Hispanics to speak out against them. This is most often focused on people from Mexico who are labeled dumb, dirty, and even arrogant (because they abuse our laws). Very often you find these comments with no reference to their citizenship status.

Though part of what I find interesting with the anger from those that don’t like having presidents from other countries tell us what we’re doing wrong is the fact that our president does it to other country and usually follows it up with military action.

I wholeheartedly agree with Calderon’s assertion about illegal drugs. It’s true that the United States is a big customer of the drug runners and being that the U.S. is all about supply and demand those that provide are simply supplying those want. Drug use is far too common in this country and what most people fail to realize is that even marijuana comes at a price. The price is the innocent lives destroyed as drug traffickers make their way into the U.S. The price is the people whose lives are destroyed by both the use and selling of drugs. I know many people are trying to make marijuana legal, but it isn’t and there really is nothing to be gained by its use. So why do so many Americans, knowing that they’re contributing to so many lives being destroyed, continue to demand illegal drugs? And how can we give drug runners the bulk share of the blame while it is the demand that has them running drugs in the first place. It’s very obvious that if there was no demand for drugs the drug traffickers would be out of a job.

During his speech, Calderon said that he had worked hard to combat drug gangs in Mexico but that the effort would be long, costly and difficult. He also pointed a finger at the U.S., saying the drug trade in Mexico is contingent on the demand for illegal drugs north of the border.

So let’s find some hope in Calderon’s statement that he is trying to create jobs in Mexico and keep people from migrating due to lack of work. Let’s also listen to the fact that we get what we consume and if we consume drugs and cheap labor then those things will come here in abundance. If our goal is to make the world a better place – even if it’s just our little part of it – then let’s start treating each other with a little compassion and work towards supporting people regardless of their ethnicity or country of origin.


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