With population growth, nearly one in five Americans will be an immigrant

I thought the United States was a nation of immigrants and that 5 out of 5 Americans were immigrants. Unless, of course America refers to North, Central and South rather than meaning only the United States.

With population growth, nearly one in five Americans will be an immigrant – Chattanooga Times Free Press
Tuesday, February 12, 2008
By: Perla Trevizo

Pew Research Center-immigration growth

The U.S. population is projected to grow by 48 percent by 2050, with 1 in 5 Americans being an immigrant, according to the Pew Research Center.

Under current trends, the U.S. population would increase from 296 million in 2005 to 438 million in 2050, the report states, and 82 percent of the growth would be attributed to immigrants who arrive between 2005 and 2050 and their U.S. born-descendants.

To help their immigrant population views they decided to ask an immigrant what he thought. I find it a little suspect personally as I feel they are subversively focusing on people from Mexico with this article:

Jesus Muro, a Mexico native who migrated to California more than 20 years ago and recently relocated to Chattanooga, said he was not surprised by these figures.

“It’s incredible how the population has grown in Chattanooga,” he said. “You’re starting to see more and more people move into the area from Dalton, Georgia, Atlanta and other parts of the region.”

Then comes the part that’s meant to scare us white people and make us want to act against immigration:

The report also projected that non-Hispanic whites will become a minority, comprising 47 percent of the population by 2050, compared to 29 percent Hispanics, 13 percent blacks and 9 percent Asians.

Up to this point the article hasn’t said anything about “illegal” immigration, but then the author decides to hit us in the face with it:

“We cannot afford for this to happen to our country. We will become a nation of illegal immigrants who have taken over our country. It is headed that way already,” Mr. Whitaker said.

At least the article also states that these numbers are based on assumptions:

Paul Taylor, executive vice president of the Pew Research Center, said it is important to note these are just assumptions based on patterns of birth, deaths and immigration — the three building blocks of population change — and “future changes in immigration policy or other events could substantially alter the projected totals.”


2 thoughts on “With population growth, nearly one in five Americans will be an immigrant”

  1. I know I wouldn’t be here if not for immigration. Almost everyone’s not-so-distant relatives immigrated from outside the United States. Why were my grandparents allowed to come here from Ireland and Germany, live and work without repercussions, but people from foreign countries now cannot?

    How can we possibly say something is “illegal” or take away someone’s freedom for crossing and invisible line?

    It’s all preposterous. I can’t wrap my mind around it.

  2. Kyra, I’m right there with you. Thanks to people such as yourself hopefully we’ll get to a place where we won’t have to ask such questions.

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