House hears comments on illegal immigrant employment bill – 13 WTHR

House hears comments on illegal immigrant employment bill – 13 WTHR
Posted: Feb 13, 2008 01:02 PMUpdated: Feb 13, 2008 04:02 PM
Kevin Rader/Eyewitness NewsIndianapolis – Employing illegal immigrants is on the front burner at the Indiana legislature before a large crowd in the House. There was no vote Wednesday, and an amendment could await SB 335 in the House.

I question Delph’s intention because of his use of “illegal” as a noun to describe undocumented workers. “Illegal” has been turned in to a derogatory name for undocumented migrants and here Delph irresponsibly embraces the term. Delph claims his bill is not meant to sponsor prejudice and discrimination yet he uses a terrible moniker given to those people who are in this country without permission. In describing his bill he states:

It is not targeted toward the family of illegals. It is not targeted toward those who who aren’t in any other vocation other than to make a profit from this illegal activity.

We also learn in this article:

The bill contains no funding to enforce the provisions, Van Haaften said. Others worried the bill could lead to racial profiling by employers.

What’s important to understand is that saying you don’t mean to offend or that you are for “legal” immigration is great, but the reality is that intentions do not mean much. Truthfully these migrants are being demonized and vilified even though every person (in public) against undocumented workers claims to be for “legal” immigrants and professes to have no desire to discriminate against recent immigrants. Yet, it is so easy to see that in actuality migrants are being demoralized and treated as subhumans in an effort to push an agenda that makes it ok to look down on another human being. It’s as if all those lessons we were taught to respect and love one another only apply to legal citizens. That makes no sense to me at all.

In another article about a van of undocumented migrants pulled over in Indiana Delph commented:

“(This) incident clearly demonstrates the need for enforcement of our nation’s immigration laws to uphold not only the rule of law, but the rights of human beings,” Delph said. “No one should be crammed into a passenger van with 19 other people and smuggled into the country.”

But I guess it’s ok to refer to these people who Mike feels are having their human rights violated as “illegals.” Though I agree that nobody should be in a position where their desperation for survival has them risking their lives on the highways of the U.S. I believe Mike is simply jumping onto the wave of anti-migrant sentiment. I don’t think it’s human rights that are motivating Delph here.


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