Disturbing Searches for “Kick The Immigrant”

WordPress comes with some pretty nifty tools like showing you what people searched for to find your blog. I was disturbed to find I recently received many hits from people looking for “kick the immigrant” and other deviations of that phrase which I show below – along with the number of hits.

kick a immigrant 39
kick an immigrant 20
kick the immigrant 7
kick an immigrant game 5
kick immigrant 4

What they’re being direct to is this article.

So this just got me thinking about some of the more terrible and derogatory ways that migrants, especially of Hispanic descent are treated.

Growing up in Houston I was surrounded by much prejudice, mostly in school, and it wasn’t uncommon to hear someone joking about yelling “la migra” at Hispanic men. Unfortunately I wasn’t strong enough then to voice my opinion about such things.

Doing some quick web searching I could produce prejudiced and racist quotes from a number of different anti-“illegal” websites, but I won’t do that because anyone could find these quotes. In the past I actually signed up on an anti-“illegal” immigrant forum and found that they had no problem making tasteless and prejudiced comments about Mexican people. Most often these comments are not coupled with the word “illegal” they are simply statements about Mexican people. Of course these supposed supporters of legal immigration don’t seem to understand that using derogatory language towards others is wrong and that there comments actually offend citizens and migrants alike.

Why anyone feels that making such crass comments about other people, especially coupling their race, religion, or country of origin to those comments, is ok is beyond me. How they don’t see that this just fuels prejudice towards others and does nothing towards bringing people together and making this world a better place is something I don’t understand either. I guess most of these people do understand what this negativity does, but they choose to take out their anger and frustrations on others and they feel it’s ok.

For a quick point I will post the following comments from a city-data forum which I find to be ridiculous:

I live in an old neighborhood of a large midwest city and over a very short period (5 years) saw it change dramatically. Demographic wise, the hispanic population exploded. Unfortunately, there was a large increase in crime….hit and runs, grafitti, drugs, drunk driving, etc. Most visible was the change in our once peaceful local parks where we took our kids. The park had become saturated with hispanics who dominated the park on the weekends and evenings playing loud music, serving food from unlisenced vendor trucks and making the park their own private fiesta. The first time (and last) I was there, I thought it was a public affair, but I was not made to feel welcome at all. Each Monday morning as I drove past the park to work, I was saddened to see how it was covered completely with trash from the weekends private celebration.
I always wondered if these were really new US immigrants to our community or illegal aliens?

I’m not going to argue about whether or not there was trash and graffiti at the park this person is speaking of, but I will take exception to his blaming Hispanics for this. This “dirty” label seems to be the most commonly used prejudiced people speak about Hispanics. There are plenty of non-Hispanic people that litter and this is nothing new to our various parks and road sides. When you see someone throwing a cigarette out their car window (still lit even) that’s littering. When I’m riding the train from New York to New Jersey and a businessman leaves his beer can or newspaper on the train for someone else to pickup – that’s littering. This argument steams me as much as the “we’re a nation of laws” argument. It’s great that we’re a nation of laws, but our citizens need to be reminded of that sometime themselves. Of course someone signed into law does not make it just, but I think that throwing flaming cigarettes out of your care should just be a no-no by common sense.

So if anyone knows what this immigrant kicking search is all about I’d like to know. I couldn’t find anything and it certainly sounds like a terrible thing.


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