“Illegals Drive Up Costs” – Radioactive Liberty

Those against undocumented migrants will find any reason to vilify them and place the ills of society upon their heads. Here’s just another way they are attempting to do this – by arguing that migrants are causing us to pay more than we should for goods and services.

Searching the internet I found this blog post titled “Illegals Drive Up Costs” which attempts to argue that undocumented migrants keep us from developing technology which would drive prices down. I guess one example to disprove this theory is the invention of the Cotton Gin. With free labor it seems technology was still alive and well (along with slavery, sadly.)

What’s disturbing about this idea (aside from trying to pin high costs for goods on undocumented migrants) is the idea that we need to continue finding ways to create machines to perform the work of human beings. I understand that farming is not the easiest work, but I think it’s important that we not end up in a society where everything is done by one person sitting in front of a computer controlling an orchestra of machines and software. In Michael Moore’s documentary “Roger and Me” he tells us of an amusement park created in Detroit with an animatronic display of machines working together with human beings. The irony is that thousands of workers where laid off by GM because their jobs were taken over by machine. I guess we call that progress.

The reality is that technology is a business and like any other business it finds ways to survive. Farmers don’t sew diodes and processors together forming new farming equipment – engineers do. The technology arena will always attempt to streamline functions and sell its inventions/technologies to businesses. It really has nothing to do with the current labor being employed by that business. As a matter of fact machines are being developed now which can pick fruit from trees and perform various other agricultural duties. I titled that post – “Anti-immigrants say “Call in the Robots!

In this post the author writes:

If we didn’t have all those illegals farming mushrooms in Kennet Square, PA, don’t you think that someone, somewhere would decide that there’s got to be some sort of technology that can do it better, cheaper, and faster? I’m certain that someone with the know-how would do just that.

This blogger was really proud of themselve for making this statement as if it really made any sense. I’m not sure why some enjoy being so nasty and negative when it comes to migrants, but as we know this is nothing new.


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