Immigration bill advances – Indianapolis Star

As the public votes out those that have harsh views on immigrants and immigration, some state and local officials don’t seem to get this message. Instead they continue to construct and pass anti-immigration bills. (Fortunately some such as Mayor Cresitello, of Morristown, did get the message and anti-immigration rhetoric in Morristown basically came to a hault.) If these local governments want to write new immigration laws maybe they can work towards more positive solutions. Rather than looking for ways to promote the acceptance of migrant people they simply construct bills to drive them out of their communities. Sadly, these laws often work against both legal and undocumented immigrants.

Immigration bill advances
Democrats make changes; Hispanic critics still hope measure dies
By Bill Ruthhart
February 19, 2008

Businesses that knowingly hire undocumented workers would be tried in an administrative rather than a criminal court under one of several changes lawmakers approved to an immigration bill Monday.

The change was among many backed by Democrats, who said they strengthened the bill. But some Republicans argued the legislation had become watered down, with Democrats making mandatory provisions optional.


5 thoughts on “Immigration bill advances – Indianapolis Star”

  1. Immigration Fraud for Federal Dollars, Socialism and Greencards
    A feminist immigration advocacy group called “Civil Society Helps” and attorney Martha J. Sullivan help perpetuate fraud against U.S. citizens and the United States of America for financial, ideological and political gain. Civil Society Helps is funded by government programs such as VAWA ( Violence Against Women Act ). VAWA is commonly used as a business plan to bring federal funds ($3.6 Billion authorized in 2005) to immigration advocacy groups, feminist groups and attorneys who specialize in immigration fraud to expedite a residency seeker’s immigration process. Can you say aiding and abetting? What about embezzlement of federal funds?

    With false accusations from an immigrant residency seeker, a stable American citizen can be reduced to living in poverty. All of your assets can be seized and given to the immigrant even if you are not found guilty. You will immediately be forced to surrender a portion of your income to the immigrant. The courts may also order you to turn your motor vehicle over to the immigrant even if the immigrant does not have a driver’s license or insurance.

    Under VAWA and false accusations, your immigrant spouse becomes legal and you become illegal. The court system will abuse you and strip you of your rights and assets while social programs that promote immigration fraud thrive.

    The primary motivation for these advocacy groups is of course financial gain. However, these groups also have auxiliary political and social agendas as well. Civil Society Helps sounds nice and peachy, but their ideology is skewed towards extreme feminism and socialism. Their goals of “equality” are achieved by unconstitutionally stripping a man of his possessions and home without due process or any finding of guilt. Their support for the immigrant community buys votes for the likes of Hillary Clinton who supports VAWA and immigration which supports the likes of the Civil Society. The States and the court system ( divorce industry ) is in cahoots as well as they also get a chunk of this VAWA money. Are you starting to see the big picture now?

    The immigration loopholes VAWA provides were intentionally designed with feminist malice and profits in mind. VAWA is a billion dollar business which oppresses men for financial, political and ideological gain. Supply and demand is important to all businesses and there is a high demand for U.S. residency. Groups that knowingly facilitate immigration and/or VAWA fraud need to be held accountable.

    Players in Minnesota

    Civil Society Helps
    1st National Bank Building
    332 Minnesota St, Suite E-1436
    Saint Paul, Minnesota 55101
    Phone: 651.291.0713
    Fax: 651.291.2588

    Attorney Martha J. Sullivan
    Phone: 651.438.9992
    1317 Vermillion Street
    Hastings, Minnesota 55033

    Casa de Esperanza ( Hope House )
    1515 East Lake Street
    Minneapolis, Minnesota 55407
    Phone: 651.646.5553

  2. Is this a cut and paste? Your grammar is rather odd.

    What are you basing these accusations on and what does it have to do with my post?

    Is assisting victims of human trafficking part of their “master plan”?

  3. Ok, now I understand. I found the following quote on a page with your cut and past above. I guess the best way to affect positive change is to assume the worst in everyone around you. Anyone that would refer to another human being as an “illegal” has major issues with ethics and morality and should seek help.

    VAWA gives more rights to illegals than citizens

    Carey Roberts
    September 18, 2007

    Attention, ladies of the world: The U.S. Congress has now granted you the Keys to Kingdom that will unlock the door to U.S. citizenship, a good-paying job, and tons of free services. Here’s how it works.

    Tell him you came to the United States to find a new life, to start over, whatever. Use your feminine wiles. Tell him how badly your previous boss or boyfriend treated you. Move in with him. If you can get pregnant or married, that much better.

  4. I think Sean’s claims, above, are bogus and it seems he spreads this type of information all over the internet. I found this link to “his story” which claims he was tricked by a Guatemalan immigrant into getting married so she could become a citizen.

    Is anyone aware of the basis for these accusations? This reads a lot like those Nigerian bank transfer scams to me.

    Sean Patrick
    posted 2/10/08 @ 11:06 PM MST
    My Immigration Fraud Story – Full Post

    My wife is an immigrant from Guatemala who entered the country when she was 5 months pregnant on a tourist VISA. She concealed her pregnancy from immigration officials by wearing black baggy clothing and an oversized black jacket. Our child was born in Minnesota and she received well over $30,000 in free healthcare through the state or county. She overstayed her tourist VISA and returned to Guatemala with our son for 3 months over Christmas and the New Year leaving me in the U.S. to work. She asked for money for liposuction surgery in Guatemala and I gave her funds to travel and to have the liposuction procedure. She was briefly detained by immigration when she entered the country again, but immigration allowed her to enter the country with the baby. When she returned to the U.S., she said we needed to marry for her and the baby to stay in country. We married quickly in the Dakota County court house and the marriage disintegrated from there. I was hesitant about marriage, but I wanted to keep my son in country and tried to build a happy family. My wife didn’t enter the marriage in good faith. Her only goal was to acquire U.S. residency and it was a bitter cold relationship after she became pregnant.

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