Feared Sweeps for Illegal Workers Found Just One – New York Times

This Salem witch hunt style of going after undocumented migrants is a waste of energy when the reasons for this immigration are not being addressed. We need to help our friends and neighbors not point fingers at them demanding documents. If these government officials want to help solve this issue there are far more compassionate ways to do so.

Feared Sweeps for Illegal Workers Found Just One
Published: February 19, 2008
Despite fears of impromptu inspections, two sweeps of a total of 33 contractors in Suffolk County only produced one worker without proper documents.

From Mayor Barletta of Hazleton:

Mayor Louis J. Barletta of Hazleton said that as soon as the laws were enacted there, “People were loading vans and trucks and literally leaving town in the middle of the night, so it would be fair to assume they were illegal.”

“It’s illegal to hire illegal aliens, so you have to go after the magnet: the businesses drawing them in,” he said.

I actually don’t think it is fair to make this assumption and I believe this is the same mayor that failed to produce any real proof of his accusations against undocumented migrants in his town when challenged by the ACLU. The only thing he can say is “it’s illegal.” Aside from that he can produce no real evidence condoning his terrible actions against people that were helping to revitalize a dilapidated town. If this mayor really cared about Hazleton he’d be doing more to beautify his town. I went through Hazleton once and though the town looked very much in disrepair I didn’t see one proud Hazleton residence out working to make anything better. If the people and mayor of Hazleton are so proud of their community then let’s see them get out and paint, plant, and beautify. I guarantee that would help bring the community together – all people.


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