‘Virtual fence’ OK’d for U.S.-Mexico border – CNN

U.S. Mexico Border

This militarism of the U.S. Mexico border is not an appropriate action to take. The only thing I can agree with here is the stopping of drug smugglers, but drugs will only stop coming in if they cease being used. That requires educating the public and providing positive neighborhood activities/recreation which is generally what gets cut from budgets when things like the fence are added.

Of course the fact that Boeing got the contract doesn’t say much for the real reasons behind creating this fence.

‘Virtual fence’ OK’d for U.S.-Mexico border – CNN
WASHINGTON (AP) — A 28-mile “virtual fence” that will use radars and surveillance cameras to try to catch people entering the country illegally has gotten final government approval.

A mobile observation tower is part of a “virtual fence” along the U.S.-Mexico border.

Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff on Friday was to announce approval of the fence, built by the Boeing Co. and using technology the Bush administration plans to extend to other areas of the Arizona border, as well as sections of Texas.


6 thoughts on “‘Virtual fence’ OK’d for U.S.-Mexico border – CNN”

  1. Yeah-I totally agree.I’m all for exponential population growth.I’m all for encouraging even more lawlessness.How dare us RACIST and intolerant Americans expect people to show respect for the laws and society of the nation they entered illegally.I’m
    all for continuing to depress wages for the middle class,and language.Please!Speaking English in a primarily English speaking nation is SO racist.Where
    can middle class Americans go because our very democracy and quality of life is doomed.Thank God,though,Mexico’s marginalized working class can still send home that 20 billion to support a nation more concerned with the supposed intolerances here
    than creating jobs for its own citizens.Never mind that Mexico has a trade surplus with the US,gold,oil,etc
    in abundance,and,soon,unlimited access to our highways.You are one of ther biggest morons to ever post a blog.But atleast you aren’t racist like me.Just an idiot.

  2. Don’t we already have this technology to keep your dog in the yard? It’s a good idea, but how the heck are they planning to get everyone in Mexico to wear the battery operated collar?

  3. Scott,

    I think you need to separate people born in Mexico with the problems with their government. I don’t support the Iraq war, but I guess I do by proxy because it’s happening. All those billions being used to buy killing machines we don’t need.

    I’m not sure if Nick is comparing Mexican people to dogs, but if so that’s just shameful.

    You may enjoy having our government building cages around you but I don’t. I thought this was a free country with the hope that we can make it a free world. I do believe in separate countries, but I don’t believe we should be putting up fences. I think it rather strange that we wanted the Berlin wall to fall, but now we want to build one of our own that makes the Berlin wall look like a child’s safety gate.

  4. I was comparing a “virtual fence” to an “invisible fence” not people to dogs. I was being facetious. It’s a giant waste of money. Building a fence won’t fix anything, it will just make the US look xenophobic.

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