ACLU opposes city plan for protest permit –

Apparently Wilkes-Barre, which resides in the same state as the Liberty Bell, wants to remove our rights to protest without first obtaining a permit. I’m not to clear on other similar laws, but I believe you have to have a permit to assemble in New York or at least did in the past.  These types of laws do not truly allow us to express the freedoms granted us by the Constitution.  They create more government control and should not be approved.What I find most interesting here is that the many groups which protest undocumented migrants from this state will surely appreciate the help of the ACLU with this one whereas in the past they have vilified them every way possible.

ACLU opposes city plan for protest permit –

The American Civil Liberties Union opposes an ordinance Wilkes-Barre council passed on first reading, which requires people obtain a $20 permit fee to protest, said Mary Catherine Roper, staff attorney in the ACLU Philadelphia office.“If you and me and a friend want to protest taxes or the war or anything else, you can’t say we have to pay for a permit just to do that,” Roper said. “You can’t just make people pay $20 any time they want to stand on a corner with a sign.” 


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