Cresitello to confront county over immigration enforcement – Daily Record


Just when I though Cresitello had backed off of this issue this story comes out. Previously, I was happy to see him back away from attempting to instate 287(g) in Morristown, but his current redevelopment plans and lack of compassion for his community don’t leave me surprised this is being pursued again.

Cresitello to confront county over immigration enforcement – Daily Record
Friday, February 22, 2008

MORRISTOWN — Morris County’s refusal to sign off on Mayor Donald Cresitello’s controversial immigration enforcement plan makes it unlikely the plan will move forward but the mayor is vowing to fight on.

“I don’t think it’s dead yet,” Cresitello said in a brief phone interview Friday. “Maybe I can embarrass the president, the attorney general and the freeholders.”

Cresitello wants to deputize local police officers to enforce federal immigration laws under a program known as 287 G. The plan would give approximately 10 local police officers the same enforcement powers as agents of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Maybe Cresitello should be embarrassed that his town is being taken over by banks and that unless you want to make a deposit or trade stocks there’s really no reason to go to Morristown’s central square (“the green”) any longer. With all the concrete being ripped apart and poured in Morristown its apparent who the mayor is catering to. If you haven’t been to Morristown then you’ll have missed the huge banner draped across the hole that used to be the Epstein’s department store which reads “The coolest place to live in the hottest town around.”

If you ask me there’s nothing cool about living in a town that seeks to go after its community in this manner. There’s nothing cool about a town that attempts to push forth measures which promote discrimination, prejudice and profiling. I don’t understand why these government officials cannot come up with more positive ways to discuss and address the issue of undocumented migrants. However, I do believe I understand why Cresitello would want to do it. If he drives the Hispanic population from Morristown then there’s going to be a lot of real-estate from him to “redevelop.”

Wind of the Spirit

For those interested  Wind of the Spirit is a pro-migrant organization in Morris County that has been working to keep 287(g) out of Morristown.


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