New Posts From Damn Mexicans Blog

Here are some recent posts from the Damn Mexicans blog you should read. This is a great blog that always has articles and stories on migrants you can’t find anywhere else.

Judge Receives Threats for Immigration Related Ruling – A Westbury Judge is receiving hate mail and email after dismissing a driving without a license charge against an undocumented migrant.

Get To Know An Immigrant – Getting to know recent immigrants will give you more empathy towards them. I suggest clicking on the Volunteer link to see if you have opportunities in your area. In New York you can sign up to help people from other countries (recent migrants and students) improve their English.

Oklahoma’s 1804 Law: Targeting American Citizens – Hard-lined immigration laws rarely consider their real human effects. Oklahoma’s recent laws against undocumented immigrants are certainly no exception.

Vigil for Sarjina Emy – This is an especially important post detailing the terrible effects and unfair reasons migrants end up in detention centers.


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