Pro-Migrant Blogs I’ve Recently Discovered

Searching the web I’ve come across two very good pro-migrant blogs. They are:

Smart Borders
– This blog is full of wonderful articles and they are conducting a no border wall walk this March. Here’s one quote from this site written about the border wall. You should visit this site and read the many wonderful articles there.

Walls are made to support roofs, not to divide neighbors. Walls are supposed to keep out the rain, not hard-working students who earn 100% in English-as-a-Second-Language classes and dream of one day attending excellent American universities Walls are made to support a family, not separate spouses and children from their mothers. Walls are intended to keep families safe, not to terrify immigrants and not to segregate nations. Walls have always been used to make a home, but they should never be used to keep out hard-working, well-meaning people who just are not “lucky” enough to have been born 1-mile to the north. Walls are for hanging pictures of people we love, not to send a message of hate to would-be immigrants and to those who are legally here.

Muro Del Odiofrom the site’s About page: A special reporting project of the San Antonio Current: a drive along the Texas-Mexico border to examine the impact and implications of U.S. border policy — particularly the U.S. Secure Fence Act of 2006 — for residents of the borderlands region.


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