Immigration debate snares seasonal businesses – Reuters

I’d rather the migrant workers in this country be given citizenship, if so desired, but if a guest worker arrangement is agreeable to both sides I’d have to believe it would be fine as well. They should be fair or not at all. In this article we can see the effects of the anti-migrant movement and our governments lack of tenacity, regarding immigration reform, on local businesses. As businesses fail to find help they are having to shut their doors and concede to companies overseas providing the same products.

Immigration debate snares seasonal businesses – Reuters
Mon Feb 25, 2008 11:34am EST

By Andy Sullivan

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – John Graham’s crab company has held its own for 65 years as the local catch has dwindled and cheap Chinese crabmeat filled the supermarkets. It might not survive the immigration debate in the U.S. Congress.

Graham relies on temporary workers who come from Mexico to pick crabmeat from the shells because he can’t find enough employees in Hampton, Virginia. But a program that allowed him to bring back experienced workers quietly expired last year after Congress failed to overhaul broken immigration laws.


2 thoughts on “Immigration debate snares seasonal businesses – Reuters”

  1. Did someone say import duties? How about hiring the young, the elderly and the disabled at a fair price? The way to stop this issues is for ALL of us to pay higher prices. Time to put our money where our mouth is.
    Step one: Boycott Chinese goods when ever possible.

  2. There’s nothing wrong with paying a fair price so that others can live well too. However, the elderly should be able to relax – they’ve earned it.

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