He’s an… Illegal Eh-lien – Damn Mexicans Blog

Anyone that’s paid attention to the anti-immigrant groups knows that they have no problem making Hispanics their main target. While they claim they are for “legal” immigration and not against Hispanics they will break out the English/Spanish dictionaries and write signs in Spanish at their rallies. I’ve also seen wonderful signs such as one that reads “Welcome to America Mexico.”  Well sometimes you have to remind them that not all migrants are from south of the border.

He’s an… Illegal Eh-lien – Damn Mexicans Blog


3 thoughts on “He’s an… Illegal Eh-lien – Damn Mexicans Blog”

  1. I live in a building surrounded by these damn mexicans. They hang their laundry all over the place, leave trash every where and shit in the courtyard.
    The hippies will tell me all this drivel I say round them all up. Every singel one of them and put their ass to work cleaning up Clark County Flood control channels by hand for a year. Feed the fuckers cold beans, make em sleep on the ground beat their ass.
    The word will get around. Break the law in this country by living here illegally and this is what happens.
    After a year you make em walk back to Mexico barefoot picking up the trash along the highway.
    Come back for the second time drag their ass to the border and publically execute them.
    Over 7 million Americans have lost their jobs in the last two years. There are at last count 12 million wetbacks in this county. Simple math tells us that if want to get amrican working again you go kick those out of here who don’t belong and think its ok to shit in my courtyard and eat my cat

  2. Wow. How do I respond to this post? Sorry you’re so angry, but I don’t think you should be. We are talking about human beings after all.

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