Smart Borders Blog – “Speech for an Education Club at UT-Brownsville”

Smart Borders in a wonderful blog written by a person very close to the Texas/Mexico border. The about page states:

I am a 24-year-old Penn State University graduate currently teaching high-school English and English-as-a-Second-Language in Brownsville, TX. I will be attending University of Minnesota Law School this upcoming fall, and I am excited to focus on immigration law.

Here is the latest post from this blog:

Speech for an Education Club at UT-Brownsville (click link to read entire post)
February 25, 2008 by Matthew Webster

I was asked to come speak here tonight on the No Border Wall Walk, issues of immigration, and my occupation educating high-school ESL students. As an English teacher, it is always heartening to find a common theme, and there most certainly is a vein running through all of these somewhat disparate topics. Martin Luther King, Jr. put it this way in his essay “Loving your Enemies”:

Brownsville is a town near the Texas/Mexico border in the Rio Grande Valley and if anyone has a close eye on this issue I certainly think the blogger over at Smart Borders does. This blogger seems to be a really great and compassionate person and everyone should add this blog to their list of blogs to check out daily. Here’s a excerpt from the recent post I enjoyed.

In an effort to impart the ideas of social activism and nonviolence, while also readying my students for college, we spent a 6-week grading period reading inspiring documents by King, Chavez, Gandhi, Thoreau. Every 6-week marking period, students are required to internalize this spirit of volunteerism and community service. Because I feel most people are just waiting for an excuse to do good, it is easy for me to ask this of my students. And most of them have responded with impressive results. Many students attended school-sponsored service outings to the Gladys Porter Zoo, Sabal Palms Audobon Sanctuary, Boca Chica Beach, and Vermillion Elementary School. Some students even invented their own good turns, from mowing lawns and babysitting to cutting hair and painting a house.

I agree that many people are just looking for an excuse to help others so I commend Matthew for his wonderful actions.


2 thoughts on “Smart Borders Blog – “Speech for an Education Club at UT-Brownsville””

  1. Thank you so much for your kinds words of encouragement. My students are amazing kids, and I pray that these acts of service will grow into lifestyles of social activism.

    For an opportunity to be a social activist, check out the No Border Wall Walk from March 8-16. We will be marching from Roma to Brownsville to protest the border wall and show support for immigrants (like my students) and la frontera (my home). Check it out at:

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