Pro Inmigrant

I copied this video from Pro Inmigrant. I believe Annabel Park, in this video, shows a tremendous amount of compassion and bravery in confronting an angry man who assumes, as many do, that the Hispanics before him are all undocumented. She is a wonderful example of how compassion is a great tool in giving migrants a voice and changing the tone of this discussion. So many of the pro-migrant groups are very caring and it’s wonderful to be included in this group.

This angry man is exemplary of many in the anti-migrant camps that make assumptions about others based on their looks. The criminal gene is not inherent in one particular group. When people place negative stereotypes on others, no matter how legitimate they think they are, they fail to give others, themselves and the world a chance. Just imaging if this man had been nice to this group. They would have been very different people to him. Instead he has forced them into a confrontation in which they must defend themselves. That is certainly no way to enter a dialog and definitely no way to live your life.

Vodpod videos no longer available. from proinmigrant.blogspo posted with vodpod


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