Cresitello threatens to cut cops – Thanks Mayor!

The “Don”, Donald Cresitello gives his city of Morristown an officer they can’t refuse. Either approve his higher budget or he’ll whack some heads off the police force. Morale must be high today for the Morristown police department. Thanks Cresitello – I guess all ‘progressive’ towns claiming to be the ‘hottest town around’ are doing the same thing.

Cresitello threatens to lay off 12 Morristown cops – Daily Record
Mayor comes up with cuts after council rejects budget plan

Friday, February 29, 2008

MORRISTOWN — Mayor Donald Cresitello is prepared to cut 12 police officers from the town’s 59-member force after Town Council refused to introduce his $37.8 million municipal budget proposal.

“They (the council) asked for cuts,” Cresitello said Thursday. “I’ll make them. They won’t like them.”

The last headline Cresitello made was regarding his pay raise and his tantrum that 287(g) wouldn’t be approved for Morristown. I guess he just doesn’t think his police force is busy enough if when he’s not threatening to make them immigration officers he’s threatening to get rid of them. If the budget’s so tight in Morristown then why is the mayor consistently trying to increase his salary?

Of course this is the mayor’s style. He gives knee jerk reactions to those that don’t want to play by his rules. This is similar to his refusing to look at a bike path in Morristown because:

“How many people are going to take a bike in to work? What woman wants to ride in to work with her hair blowing in the wind?” Cresitello asked. He added that men “in their thousand-dollar suits” also wouldn’t like the idea.

Cresitello really seems to have his hand on the pulse of Morristown.


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