Illegal Immigration Ad Draws Fire – KMBC TV

While the voters show what they feelings on immigration are many in our local governments are being engulfed by a black which has them proposing hateful immigration laws. Kansas is the latest state to jump on board and apparently the anti-immigrant sentiment is being seen in television ads by a group called the Coalition for the Future American Worker. Smelling opportunity, another of Tanton’s super (hate) groups is apparently trying to help this anti-migrant legislation along in Kansas.

Illegal Immigration Ad Draws Fire
UPDATED: 6:50 pm CST February 28, 2008

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A local civil rights leader said some anti-illegal immigration commercials on TV are trying to stir up trouble.

The ads have been airing in Kansas City and on KMBC-TV for several weeks. The commercial comes from a group called the Coalition for the Future American Worker.

The ad claims illegal immigration hurts the job prospects for black men.

Here’s a writeup from Soutern Poverty Law Center’s Hatewatch blog about the Coalition for the Future American Worker which is apparently just another FAIR group.

The connection to Tanton (founder of FAIR), who is the founder of America’s modern anti-immigration movement, is particularly problematic given his history of anti-Latino bigotry. Tanton has questioned whether Latinos can be educated to the level of other races and he endorses and publishes the racist novel Camp of the Saints. (For a description of the book’s racism, see here.)


3 thoughts on “Illegal Immigration Ad Draws Fire – KMBC TV”

  1. It would be good to hear more Americans speaking up for American humanity which appears to be something of a lone voice at times.
    The likes of Tanton do nothing to further intelligent debate on immigration by hijacking the discussion and trying to make it a platform for their ignorance and bigotry.
    Tanton has missed his time and place – Berlin 1938.

  2. Illegal immigration is just that ILLEGAL! And to think it doesn’t take away jobs from non professional workers shows extreme ignorance. These people work for less, don’t pay taxes or social security, are a drain on all our education and healthcare systems. We pickup their tab as they take good jobs from Americans. Don’t believe it? Check out whats left of the new housing industry. Watch as Mexicans comprise the basement, insulation, roofing, framing, stucco, drywall, painting, and cleanup crews. Those used to be USA citizens.

  3. Please do more research on this issue as these migrants to pay taxes and contribute. Your accusations are lies supplied by anti-migrant hate groups that will find any reason to speak out against others.

    Are you talking about the mortgage issues or with building? Did those migrants physically remove U.S. citizens from those jobs? When you drop a glass is it your fault or gravities that it breaks?

    You would be doing yourself, this country, and the very idea of compassion towards others (one with great spiritual rewards) a big favor if you would explore outside the information provided by FAIR, Numbers USA, Glenn Beck and the like. Do not inherent other people opinion, slogans and mis truths. Find out for yourself.

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