Candidates promote moderation in immigration reform – Dallas Morning News

Candidates promote moderation in immigration reform – Dallas Morning News
But just like Bush, candidates may face resistance in Congress
12:00 AM CST on Sunday, March 2, 2008
By DIANNE SOLÍS and DAVID McLEMORE / The Dallas Morning NewsFor all the furor over illegal immigration the last two years, the leading presidential contenders all endorse a moderate approach to the issue.Democrats Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama and Republican John McCain support an overhaul of immigration laws that would toughen border security and allow a portion of the estimated 12 million people here illegally to gain legal status. None would aim to deport all illegal immigrants.Grassroots anger derailed bills in Congress that would have allowed illegal immigrants to stay if they met certain requirements – a move backed by President Bush. So how can the remaining presidential rivals accomplish what Mr. Bush could not?

For those of us that believe we need positive and compassionate immigration reform in this country we are certainly putting a lot of faith in the Democratic party. Actually we are placing a lot of requirements and expectations on our Democratic candidate. However, it is important that we, the pro-immigrant crowd, “show up for work” and make sure that this issue remains in the forefront until is it addressed appropriately with compassion. This article asks “how can the remaining presidential rivals accomplish what Mr. Bush could not?” I believe we’re going to do it by forming a strong group that shows others that through compassion we can live better more fulfilling lives. We must ensure that we not let migrants become victims of biased media and anti-immigrant groups focused on painting non-citizens as criminals and terrible people.

Two things that I hear in the immigration reform rhetoric trouble me a little and they are “pay a significant fine” and “go to the back of the line.” What ‘line’ are they talking about. As far as I know there is no line of people from many countries south of the border because they are excluded from the immigration lottery each year. I’m sure I don’t know enough about the ins and outs of this process, but I’d certainly like clarification on what “back of the line” means.

This article quotes Obama:

“We have to require that undocumented workers, who are provided a pathway to citizenship, not only learn English, pay back taxes and pay a significant fine, but also that they’re going to the back of the line,” he said.


3 thoughts on “Candidates promote moderation in immigration reform – Dallas Morning News”

  1. Where’s the door and who is the gatekeeper?

    Although your comment is ‘gentle’ there is no compassionate way to remove people from their lives.

  2. Thank goodness a note of sanity has returned to the candidates.
    Mervin, I think that if you knew how much it would cost you (assuming you’re a US tax payer) to ‘compassionately’ show immigrants the door you might think twice about what you wish for.
    Why hasn’t any candidate told the US public what they think it will cost to impose stronger immigration control…

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