Immigration Fight Moves to the States – New American Media

One major point a took from this article is that the “counter story” against the anti-immigrant rhetoric is missing. I’m hoping those of us in the promigrant movement can provide it.

Immigration Fight Moves to the States – New America Media
News Report, Suzanne Manneh, Posted: Mar 03, 2008

Editor’s Note: After the failure of comprehensive immigration reform states like Arizona and Oklahoma passed their own harsh immigration laws. But in a souring economic climate some states are rethinking those laws even as immigration advocates challenge them in court. Access Washington is a teleconference series offered by New America Media to ethnic media, linking them with experts and lawmakers on immigration law reform.

SAN FRANCISCO — States and cities are rethinking their anti-immigration legislation and how to enforce it, activists said on Access Washington, a New America Media-sponsored conference call with ethnic media. “No one wants to be another Oklahoma,” explained Flavia Jimenez of the National Council of La Raza.

Scaring hard working people and causing them to leave your city, town, state and/or country may sound like fun at first, but eventually the hatred behind such actions will catch up with you. This, according to the article, is being seen in many areas that have decided to pass their own immigration laws outside of those in issued by the Federal Government. Why would anyone want to live in a hostile town that promotes hostility towards migrants which goes well beyong just affecting undocumented migrants? Well, I know why and it’s not very nice.

From this article:

Jimenez explained that after Arizona and Oklahoma, Kansas, Indiana, and Utah all now have similar laws, and as does Hazleton, Pennsylvania — its anti-immigration ordinance originated last June and preceded all others. Jadwat added that these states are coming to realize the consequences that accompany such legislation, so much so that “even Oklahoma is starting to think they don’t want to be Oklahoma.


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