Focusing on the SAVE Act

Please visit Citizen Orange for information on this terrible bill and other pro-migrant news.


5 thoughts on “Focusing on the SAVE Act”

  1. If your organization want to help the ILLEGALS–take them into your homes/neighborhoods–give then YOUR $$$–YOU buy their food, drinks, cigarettes, health care for their ever expanding families! ILLEGAL means ILLEGAL–NOT a right to burden MY tax $$$$$$$!

  2. Please explain to me how your tax dollars are being burdened and provide real financial data to support your claim.

    You’ve been misled into hate and it has you vilifying people by referring to them as “illegals”. That’s not very nice if you ask me.

    All these expenses are being paid for with money these migrants earn. Why do you suppose they’re trying to impose strict fines on businesses. If these migrants were taking money there would be no need to go after business that hire them, would there?

    “Ever expanding families”? It really seems you are being duped into supporting prejudiced stereotypes.

    I do help others and you should do the same. Just click on the “Volunteer Opportunities” a little below the dog photos and find a way to feel good rather than simply bashing people about the head with false accusations only meant to divide.

  3. Well, here’s you info. I hate idiots that can’t do their own research and come to an educated realist resolve.I do not hate any race, yet I don’t care for lawbreakers anAntonovich Releases January Illegal Immigrant Numbers
    Monday, 17 March 2008

    Social services cost LA County over $36 million.

    New statistics from the Department of Public Social Services reveal that illegal aliens and their families in Los Angeles County collected over $36 million in welfare and food stamp allocations in January 2008, announced Los Angeles County Supervisor Michael D. Antonovich.

    Twenty five percent of the all welfare and food stamps benefits are going directly to the children of illegal aliens. Illegals collected over $19 million in welfare assistance for January 2008 and over $16 million in monthly food stamp allocations, for a projected annual cost of $420 million.

    “Illegal immigration continues to have a devastating impact Los Angeles County taxpayers,” said Antonovich. “With $220 million for public safety, $400 million for healthcare, and $420 million in welfare allocations, the total cost for illegal immigrants to County taxpayers far exceeds $1 billion a year – not including the millions of dollars for education.” d their adgenda-based supporters.

  4. I’m not just asking for your cut and paste statistics that are more than likely not even accurate. What I’m asking for is opinions that come from your own brain, not from Roy Beck’s.

    The idea is to have a discussion and if you can’t post without insulting people you’ll certainly cut any discussion off right away.

    Belligerence and negativity will solve nothing regardless of your stance on this issue.

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