Republicans Propose New Package of Immigration Enforcement Proposals – Fox News

I’ll never get over the fact that voters have said they don’t want insane anti-migrant laws by voting out the “we hate migrants” more candidates; yet, those in government now continue to propose these horrible anti-migrant laws. What’s going on here?

Republicans Propose New Package of Immigration Enforcement Proposals – Fox News

Wednesday, March 05, 2008
By Trish Turner

WASHINGTON — Immigration reform is back, but this time around no one is talking of grand compromises.

Republicans on Wednesday presented a large package of 15 enforcement-focused bills, many designed to shut off the flow of illegals. No provision in the package mimics the 2006 comprehensive immigration reform measures — proposed by Sens. Ted Kennedy, D-Mass., and John McCain, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee — that focused on allowing guest workers into the country.

When you read the following run-down it sounds like a sick joke – but it’s not.

The specific pieces of legislation deal with everything from completing the 700-mile border fence already in progress, establishing English as the national language, instituting tougher workplace enforcement rules, stripping local police agencies of funding if they support “sanctuary cities” and banning driver’s licenses to illegals, something that tripped up Democratic presidential candidate and New York Sen. Hillary Clinton earlier this year as her state’s governor initially supported the idea.

“Stripping local police agencies of funding”? This kind of talk should even scare the most vehement anti-migrant. What is happening in this country now? Will they be replacing the local police with the military?


2 thoughts on “Republicans Propose New Package of Immigration Enforcement Proposals – Fox News”

  1. what is happening in this country now is that illegal immigration is finally being realized as a current problem. It has nothing to do with replacing the local police with the military. The part you failed to point out is that they are stripping police agencies which support sanctuary cities where known illegal immigrants are not deported or dealt with. Illegal Immigrants are costing our country around 30 billion dollars a year and police agencies should not be allowing known illegal aliens walk around free taking advantage of our health care, legal system, and education

  2. I’ve got no problem with your opposition to undocumented migration. I feel there’s plenty of room and we should allow more people in while at the same time I feel we should be allowing opportunities for people in their own countries as I do believe many would prefer to live there. However, when our economy vacuums from theirs you cannot expect that it will have the same effect on the people. For many the U.S. is the end of the rainbow and they are willing to work to get their. Sadly many Americans truly have no appreciation for the blessings we’ve received simply by being born here. When we will realize that’s a problem?

    We’re basically living in a land of profit over humanity and until we address that we’ll forever be in terrible place.

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