What Sick Mind?: Glenn Beck

I know that by many respects this is old news, but it’s still very relevant as Beck steers the anti-migrant ship of hate down the dirty waters.

Jonathan Swift wrote in 1729:

I have been assured by a very knowing American of my acquaintance in London, that a young healthy child well nursed, is, at a year old, most delicious nourishing and wholesome food, whether stewed, roasted, baked, or broiled; and I make no doubt that it will equally serve in a fricasie, or a ragoust.

This was Swift’s solution for the poverty in Ireland. Of course, his “irony” no matter how sick and twisted was not broadcast on television to millions of people – many of which were the intended victims of the sick “solution.”

Glenn Beck is no Jonathan Swift, but he certainly tried to be in offering up dead Mexican bodies as fuel for the United State’s cars, trucks, and especially luxury vehicles.

On radio show, Beck read “ad” for refinery that turns Mexicans into fuel; posted it on website

On the June 28 broadcast of his nationally syndicated radio show, Glenn Beck commented on a mock ad — produced by subscribers to his website known as “Insiders” — depicting a “giant refinery” that produces “Mexinol,” which, according to the ad, is a fuel made from the bodies of illegal immigrants from Mexico. Beck read from the ad: “At Evil Conservative Industries, we know four things for certain. The country needs cheap, alternative fuel source. Two, the human body is 18 percent carbon. Three, carbons can be turned into hydrocarbons. Four, we have a buttload of illegal aliens in our country.”


16 thoughts on “What Sick Mind?: Glenn Beck”

  1. Actually, Glenn Beck did not come up with the Mexinol ad. I was the guilty party. He just read it. Funny that you bring up that Jonathan Swift quote as that is exactly what I was thinking of when I came up with the idea. The whole point of the ad is that Liberals sterotype Conservatives. All Conservatives are evil, xenophobic and, of course, pro big oil. Only makes sense that our greed would lead us to making energy out of people. It was sarcasm and made its point quite well when you look at the reaction the fake ad got from the left. FYI neither I, Glenn or any conservative I know are anti immigration. We’re anti illegal immigration. Big difference. It doesn’t matter where they’re from. If they’re here illegally we’re against it. Illegals from Mexico just get most of the attention because they are by far the largest group.
    Here’s a little inside info. I don’t, seriously, want to make fuel out of anyone…..ok, maybe the ninth circuit court but they are just asking for it. Also, I love immigrants. I don’t care where they’re from. As long as they’re here legally.

  2. If you did come up with the ad you certainly didn’t appreciate the fact that it promotes hatred of Mexicans. It also promotes the growing prejudice against all Hispanics. There were certainly people watching Glenn Beck who probably either thought it was a good idea or thought it at least began to open the debate on a war with undocumented migrants. Since they’re nothing more than fuel why can’t we just kill them? They’re not really human beings so it must be ok.

    Please explain how advocating violence against Mexicans has anything to do with liberals stereotyping conservatives.

    You state you’re not anti-immigration, but you must realize that most groups such as Numbers USA and FAIR who are at the forefront of the anti-migrant rhetoric are indeed against immigration.

    It’s great that you say you’re only against “illegal” immigrants, but your “love” for legal immigrants is a rather strange one. I can only imagine what it must feel like to be a citizen of Latino descent watching Glenn Beck espouse the virtues of turning dead Mexicans into fuel.

  3. symsess, I do appreciate your view point but the one thing I know is that it is purely motivated by politics. I make no apologies for the picture. It was 100% satire. Most liberals will not buy that as a reason. They wish to believe the worst about people with differing opinions and will label it “hate”. Believe it or not, I don’t really hate anyone. I may disagree with them or even not like them very much but I can’t bring myself to hate. I realize that people, even those I believe have opinions that are not grounded in sanity, believe what they do because they think it is best for the country. I admire anyone who takes the time to actively participate in the political and social discourse, even when I think they are totally wrong.
    I don’t believe the picture promotes or encourages hate at all. People who are going to hate don’t need my assistance. They will do so on their own. You give examples of groups you say are at the forefront of anti-immigration. That’s fine but that doesn’t mean you should lump all those who are anti-illegal immigration in with those anymore than I should lump pro amnesty with groups that call for the US to hand over California, Arizona and Texas to Mexico because they believe they are the rightful owners of that land.
    You ask “Please explain how advocating violence against Mexicans has anything to do with liberals stereotyping conservatives. ”
    First off, it had nothing to do with Mexicans. It had to do with people here illegally. If the majority of illegals were from Canada it would have been called cananol. It was meant to make fun how outrageous some liberals view conservatives. You know, the whole “conservatives want old people to starve” or “conservatives hate the environment” BS. If you were familiar with Glenn Beck’s show you would know that anything with the “evil conservative industries” logo is an outrageous extreme meant to poke fun at liberals. He has a “No clean air and water” teeshirt. It would be stupid to believe that anyone would be against clean air and water and that is what it pokes fun at. those who really believe it.
    Now, I know I’ve convinced you of nothing and that’s fine. Believe as you choose. However, I totally expect you to hold liberals to the same standards. I expect vocal condemnation of barack obama’s pastor for his hate speech…..which was not meant as a joke. Also, Mr Obama himself for not leaving that church and supporting it financially and by his attending a place that preaches hate. That would be the only intellectually honest thing you could do.

  4. The first thing I must say is that I don’t lump everyone together. Throughout this blog I state that there are some against undocumented migrants who hold this view merely because of the law or because they have allowed others to scare them into an opinion. I know not everyone is hateful.

    Before Glenn Beck ever was on TV I listened to him from time to time on a Houston radio station. Unfortunately I could hardly stand his condescending voice nor understand how people made him so popular. I’ve seen his show a few times and could hardly stand all the spinning logos on the screen which I assume where meant to hypnotize me or something.

    You sound reasonable and I thank you for stopping back by. However, if there are indeed many thousands of undocumented migrants from other countries, which there are, then what sense is there is focusing on the majority which happens to be Hispanic knowing full well that anti-Hispanic sentiment is all the rage? Is it because the Asians, the Irish and others already got their share and now it’s the Mexicans turn?

    This type of message makes it less about immigration and more about race and country of origin. The finger of fear is pointed directly at Hispanics (mostly Mexicans) who truly do not have any legitimate way of becoming citizens. Truly you must understand that deciding to risk your life to come here is no easy decision and you have to ask yourself what kind of world do we live in where a person has to make that choice?

    Jokes about making fuel out of Mexicans just isn’t funny. There is real death happening all around the world and if we’re going to make a joke out of things like this then what does that say? Satire is fine and dandy, but I believe Glenn’s commentary will fuel hate groups more than it will make liberals look stupid. Whose going to feel foolish when hate crimes go up? Hopefully all of us, because we shouldn’t be advocating such a terrible world.

    As far as Obama I don’t condemn anyone for another’s actions. Furthermore this blog is about immigration and migrant rights not about who said what to whom yesterday. The irony here is that you’re asking me to feel foolish for ‘buying’ into Glenn’s ad, but you’re harping on Obama for some rant his pastor went on.

    Again, thanks for stopping back by and I appreciate your comments.

  5. Hello again. This will be my last post, I promise.
    I just had to address one line in your post. You say “knowing full well that anti-Hispanic sentiment is all the rage”. This is just not true, at least with the people I know. It is those who are here illegally that people have a problem with. I’m well aware that people risk life and limb to get here. I’m, also, aware that bank robbers risk life and limb as well when they rob a bank. We don’t accept those people in society because of the risks they take. They are breaking the law, trying to attain something they have no right to.
    I would love to have as many Hispanics and people from all countries as we can get. I just want them here legally. I may be a little dense but I just can’t understand how someone can defend people who’s initial act is to break our laws. That shows no respect for our country. There are people who worked their butts off to get here legally, including a large number of Hispanics. This is a slap in the face to those people.
    Again, no anti-Hispanic sentiment at all. You do what it takes to come here legally, and I’ll welcome you with open arms. You sneak across our border and you disrespect me and my country.
    As for the Obama comment, I was trying to make a point. If a joke can make you believe someone is being hateful then do you hold the same disdain for those who are hateful but not joking? If the answer is yes then I can understand you position. I may not agree with it but I can understand it. If you are not as angry at others who preach hate, such as Obama’s pastor, then you are just playing a game where you pick and choose the “hate” you are against. Then you are just playing politics and, truthfully, politics suck. It brings out the worst in people on both sides.

  6. Ok, that was the second to the last post. Just wanted to say there is one part of your site I really like. The “Dogs in Danger” part. Thank you for doing your part to help them. I do the same for stray cats. As I’m typing I have a huge stubby tailed manx stray sitting on my lap and a three legged stray keeping my feet warm. I take them in, get them fixed up and then try to find homes for them. If you ever want a cat or five let me know. See, conservatives are not all evil. 🙂

  7. I figure it’s a “that’s that” with the Beck post, but I just figured I’d throw in that I’m involved with cat rescue and TNR as well. There are many out there and I try to help.

    This blog is for those people that are being put down by many hate groups. Just like with animals they need compassion not to be vilified. Some people see feral cats as a nuisance, but I understand, as I’m sure you do, that they did not choose to be outdoors or to be abandoned. It’s all about compassion.

    I appreciate your helping stray cats and being an animal lover. Yes, there is often a place where people of different opinions can see eye to eye.

  8. Also, quickly – I’m not excited to live in a world where people feel they have no choice but to come here by sneaking across the border. However, the truth is there is no other way for these people to come here. They do not have a legal pathway in. For some they may be able to migrate here through family, but for those that do not already have family here it is nearly impossible. Taking a look at Mexico it has been excluded from the lottery system for many years now. So how can a Mexican person come here legally? There really is no way.

    That being said there is a great deal of anti-Hispanic sentiment. Just look at the men and women harassing day laborers or just watch anti-migrant protests on You Tube where you’ll see signs in Spanish. Where are the signs in Chinese or Arabic? Just last year the famous little town of Hazleton had an anti-“illegal” immigration rally where the crowd turned on a Hispanic legal citizen and told him to “go back home.” Here’s the link.

    Ok, that’s it. Thanks again for your good work.

  9. Seriously, the whole nature of satire and parody is to take an idea to extremes. The first thing I thought of when I heard this was Swift’s Essay. There he was stating that what the English were doing by ignoring the plight of the irish in poverty was essentially proffiting of the blood and sweat of the innocent, so cut to the chase and eat the babies. Disgusting, evil image, yet the point was that the reality of the poverty was every bit as disgusting and evil as well.

    With this add, I see what they were trying to do, which was NOT the same as Swift (bring light to the evil insidiousness of ignoring those in pain) but rather an attempt to remind liberals, independents and others that conservatives are not truly evil by parodizing what a truly evil conservative would come up with. I think its hilarious, and does its job.

    Of course its disgusting, of course its evil, the point is to remind those that like to think that Republicans are evil, is that they are warm and fuzzy by comparison to true evil.

  10. Steve,

    I wish I could laugh and thin “how witty”, but people are being demonized by anti-Hispanic sentiment and many are being singled out verbally and physically – so sorry if I don’t “get the point.” The difference between Swift and Beck (of Payallin) is that nobody was actually going to eat or hurt children while people are all geared up to go out and hunt “illegals”.

    So it’s simply irresponsible and serves to do nothing but provoke hatred. And to that it succeeds.

  11. MEXINOL IS ALSO MADE WITH:dumb ass renecks,white boys or white mamasboy,kkk members,White Supremacists.just in case you Eradicate all mexican, other option are more appealing because white people are superior, this is the formula for a better mexinol..
    for every 10 white ass boys (gringos) or rednecks use only 1 mexican for best results, make sure all of the white people are still alive before blending this formula

  12. Perhaps it’s a late hit, but adding some context to Steve’s point about the differing intentions of the two parodists, Swift’s father was Irish. Beck isn’t Mexican, as far as I know. (I hope I don’t have to spell out why that’s significant.)

    Also, Beck is no Swift. Beck, like the rest of us, will be quickly forgotten after his death, if not sooner. We’re still talking about Swift 300 years later.

  13. People who side with beck are hurting inside and it brings forth a twisted mind and a sorid tongue .doesn’t it,beck? What a mess you made of your life. The people you feed you on really have your number. You’ll probley look at your self in the mirror and laught your eyes really see your soul, you really need help! How sad the way you see yourself and way people see you and here you,

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