Casa D’ Ice Not Too Nice: Thanks Bill Balsamico

Bill Balsamico owns the North Versailles, PA bar Casa D’ Ice and proudly displays racist and profane signs outside his business. I guess we shouldn’t find it hypocritical that his business’ name is in another language while he calls for English as the one language of the U.S. Nor should we expect he’d actually regard the fact that Italians were lynched by racists in the past. Sadly, people like him don’t notice these things because hate rarely looks in at itself and it certainly cares not for the past. It’s too busy spitting out fire and insane rhetoric to care what it’s own actions are.

Here is the text from some of Bill’s famous signs (I will use $%^ to keep my website free from profanity though he used the actual words in his signs.):

“2007 Immigration Plan!! It sounds like a new Parker Brothers game. “Mexican Monopoly””

“It’s time we take the oil. 776 American soldiers dead. Over 800 billion dollars to liberate a country of camel jockeys for gas over $2. What a crock of sh*&.”

“Don’t stop until the bastard is dead. Message to war protesters: Leave the USA to find out how good we have it you f in a*&holes.” (he did not actually spell out the f word in this sign. At least he has some level of decency.)

“This is America. Why must we press 1 to proceed in English.”

“After 3 weeks the USA found what the UN inspectors could not find in 12 years. Bush 1 / UN inspectors 0.”

“If you want a piece of sh*& get a Dodge. Take your Dodge to a Chevy or Ford garage or Auto Zone for quality service.”

“God bless America. One piece of sh*& down, one more a*&hole to go.”

“It’s time to bomb the hell out of Iraq. Make it a giant litter box. Take the damn oil. Bring our soldiers home and out source the war.”

“One nation under God. That’s the way it is & that’s the way it should be. If you don’t like it tough sh&%.”

I couldn’t watch the whole thing because I was as disinterested as Bill. He seems like he’d rather be doing something else as he reads looking down at us in a dry monotone. However, I did get as far as to hear him say Obama supporters are so clueless they hold their signs upside down. Please see the picture below the video. This is one of many pictures I snapped at the Morristown ProAmerica Rally.
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MOR Rally2

48 thoughts on “Casa D’ Ice Not Too Nice: Thanks Bill Balsamico”

    1. Everyone out there that idolizes this MORON Billy at casa d crap needs to know that he drives a brand new MEXICAN truck. When I told him he made a huge mistake by not finding out where this MAJOR purchase was built BEFORE he bought it he cused me out and blamed ME…yes ME….. and MY government!!!! If this isn’t how a major hypocrite would respond then I am confused. He talks the talk but doesn’t even come close to walking the walk. Bill Basimico is an AMERICAN enemy and tries to BS his way through life.

  1. I can just imagine the last names of the people that run this website! WOW!
    By the way, didn’t our ancestors have to learn to read and write in ENGLISH before they became American citizens? You didn’t have to press “1” for that comment, that was FREE!
    Also, I passed this along to Mr. Balsamico! I guess he needed a good chuckle!!!!

  2. I guess if racism is funny to you then Bill will have a great audience for his comments.

    The assertion that anyone refuses to learn English is ridiculous, but I guess it makes for a good battle cry. If you have a problem with a business allowing people to communicate in Spanish then take it up with them. I know it must hurt you that others are being given a more comfortable way to communicate.

    Sadly Bill’s call to annihilate all of Iraq is in no way funny.

    As far as my last name – I’m born and raised in the U.S.A. so what does it matter anyway? I can tell you for certain my last name isn’t Xenophobe.

  3. WOW!

    Big words AND no backbone!

    Here’s a headline for you:

    White America — The NEW Minority! Wise up before it’s too late!

  4. I do have to apologize. I don’t KNOW you, so, I’m sorry! But, I DO KNOW WHAT you are! You are part of the “left-wing pacifistic liberal regime” that is going to be the “temporary” downfall to this country!
    I have to admit that I will do EVERYTHING I can to put the right candidate in office — and with his “straight-talk” attitude and his non-usage of “typical” political jargin, Mr. Balsamico looks like the right candidate! I will pray for you and those that complete your circle of friends to put an end to this “nonsense” and let The Right of Free Speech reign supreme! By the way, why aren’t there any topics about Rev. Wright? I rest my case!! I call it as I see it!

  5. I don’t believe I’m spinning or manipulating anything here. I truly believe what I say which is everyone has a right to a good life. We should treat each other with compassion and I appreciate your showing respect here even though we don’t, and may not ever, agree.

    Does it really matter if America fails to remain a country with a white majority? Does our skin color and/or ancestry really mean anything in our pursuit of a universal happiness? Must we be white to be happy? Having a pride for your ancestors is great, we all do, but that doesn’t mean we have to hate others or make terrible comments that they’re trying to take from ‘us’.

    There are no comments about Reverend Wright because I write about immigration issues and not general politics. Not to mention the fact that I’m under no obligation to write about any particular thing at all.

  6. While I don’t agree with the language used in casa d ice’s signs-I applaud Mr. Balsamico for having the guts to be “politically incorrect”…boo hoo; since when did freedom of speech become illegal? It’s PAST time that AMERICANS see the writing on the wall before we lose the rest of what little freedoms we have left. I want my country back-and hope that someone ANYONE can help restore USA to greatness.

  7. I suppose if he put sexually explicit language on his sign you’d applaud his right to free speech too. Or is he language only ok because you agree with it? Do you think it’s ok for him to call for the annihilation of all Iraq even though there are people living here with families in Iraq? What if your neighbor put out a lawn sign asking for someone to nuke your home? I’d imagine his “speaking his mind” wouldn’t be fine then would it?

    His language is in no way a good representation of this country – it’s actually the best example of the worst of this country. If you’re desire is to applaud those that demonize others and are working to divide this country then clap away.

    Personally I think there’s a difference between speaking your mind and being flat and crude and distasteful. Furthermore his crass language in no way benefits any of us – well, except him I guess.

  8. Let’s replace every flower with a picture of Bill and one of his signs. The warmth and love received will be the greatest blessing this world has ever known.

    It troubles me greatly to know I live in a world where people like you find the idea of murdering millions of people funny. You’re a little late, but there was once a man and his mustache that would have loved your support too.

    1. symsess, shouldn’t you have something better to do?? stay troubled………………..try to learn to be american. I have cousins fighting for our freedom. We have freed so many what’s your problem?? we are saving people who killed ours on 9/11. Take your energy and do something with it. you’re not convinced yet that people are evil. Iranians are killing their people in the streets right not because they want freedom of speech.

      1. Are all the tens of thousands of innocent dead free too? Who has been freed? I cannot blame the soldiers for those deaths because I will give them the fact that they were following orders; however, many soldiers have refused to fight in that terrible war and are taking the government to court over it. There is no glory in killing others and death does not equal freedom no more than it brings justice.

        Please don’t instruct me on what to do with myself. Do you attempt to control everyone you don’t agree with. Sounds a little like our government don’t it?

  9. In case you haven’t heard there are a lot of men with a mustache and beard calling for the downfall and destruction of the United States in Iraq and Iran. The same nuts that invented 9/11. Do you care that they think it’s funny to kill babies and there mothers,cops and firemen. You belly rubbers better get ready before Muslins start the terror again.

  10. Bob I don’t think anything evil is funny. I also don’t think that crapping on others and stereotyping is going to bring about any positive change. If you believe we can bomb evil off the face of the planet then I truly fear for you. Sadly, I know you (and Bill) probably do think that killing everyone is the best way to solve the world’s problems. However, the truth is most people are decent human beings – it’s just the ones we let into power that seem to be the insane ones. The average Iraqi or Iranian does not want us all to die. To believe this is to prescribe to the worst form of propaganda around.

  11. How do we fight them ? It’s sad but true that people get killed in war. The fact is the more agressive and meaner you are the better chance of winning. I know we can’t bomb evil off the face of the earth but we sure can bomb it when it’s located. We can’t sit back and let this country go down the drain which is what happened when Hitler vowed to take over the world. Now the Muslins have told us they want the USA to be like there country. They proved they are serious by the 9/11 attack. Why did they undertake such an evil task ? Possibly because we sat back and let it happen. This is not a game we are playing with them where we have time to worry about how evil we are or how badly we ruin there country. Check what the Kuran says about none believers and what should be done with them. Wake Up America

  12. This country is going down the drain because Bush has convinced everyone that Muslims want to kill us. With that he’s gotten us into a terrible war and that mindset will continue to cause major issues in this country unless we break it. The idea that everyone wants to kill us is a propaganda tool fueling the war machine. Break free from that thought and this country will become a much better place.

    Just like bombs can take away evil neither can those that use our fears to steer us into terrible directions.

  13. It’s not a mindset bellyrubber. Didn’t 9/11 tell you anything ?. I guess it was just a big joke that Bush started. No one steered us in that direction. The United States Was bombed and they declared war on us. Lack of any commom sense

  14. We believe differently than one another. What else is there to say? 9/11 told me that our government will go to any length to get what they want.

  15. It says Thanks for stopping by backwards.

    As far as the taking things off what do you mean? I let everyone comment here unless it’s obvious spam or profanity ridden.

  16. I’m not sure what you mean, but your comment is both ignorant and racist. I guess that’s the point.

  17. No, I still say racist, but thanks for the comment. It’s going to go really far towards helping both Americans and migrants. Should we buy duct tape too?

  18. I think his signs are a “sign” of the frustration we all feel for our government selling out our country in the name of political correctness. I’m not racist, but I do hate STUPID people and the last time I looked they came in all colors. AND…I consider the current administration (dems and repubs alike) we have in power the stupidest people of all.

    But, I am glad I have a front seat to the destruction of our country, at least I’ll have some good stories to tell my grandkids. Of course I will have to learn chinese or persian. Keep up the good work Bill.

  19. There’s a big difference between frustration and hatred. Sadly many people can’t tell the difference.

    Asking that we kill all Iraqi’s is a good example of hatred.

    What’s sad is that “good work” is now putting up hateful signs when it once meant actually helping people.

  20. Wow… I usually refrain from derogatory terms… but you my friend are an absolute idiot; and THE problem in the US now. You skew, twist, and slant things so well to the left ideologue that you should be offered a job at MSNBC immediately.

    1. He’s not racist, he’s against illegal immigration. (Not hate speech… Free speech) and for obeying laws.
    2. Look at his last name, he’s an Italian descendent… Hence the “Casa” in the name of his rest. IDIOT
    3. He’s sick of the left wing attack by you and your clan that is leading this nation into the sh!ter.
    4. Learn about Ellis Island before you start casting your uneducated, ill-founded, unwarranted, and libel comments about racism and immigration.
    5. Pull your head out of your left-wing box you live in and learn how the world really works and know that your utopian idea of lollipops and rainbows doesn’t exist and NEVER WILL.

    Good luck to you… you’re going to need it!

  21. I’m sure calling me an idiot makes you feel all warm and fuzzy, but you might want to note that if Bill asks for English only he may want to change the name of his business to “The House of Ice” or some other all English name. If he’s allowed to celebrate his Italian heritage why can’t Hispanics celebrate their heritage too?

    You may want to read Bill’s signs a little closer. His signs deal with other issues than “illegal” immigration. What does Ellis Island have to do with this anyway. Are you saying all immigrants came through Ellis Island or that we should have closed the gates after it was shut down?

  22. Mr. Balsamico would have my vote if he ran for president. No doubt. Much better than that panty-wastes we have in Washington now. Bill B. for President 2012!!

  23. The problem with you liberals is that if anyone disagrees with your bizarre why of thinking you attack them. First of all read the constitution. Second read the difination of illegal as in illegal aliens. Bill is not a racists, he is realist. Because he speaks out about the core values this country was founded on be destroyed does not make him a racists. The country was founded with a Constitution, Bill of Rights & Judeo-Christian Values. Second study the koran and see what it says about jihad. Yes they do want to kill you. How many of you would put on the uniform, pickup a weapon and defend the Constitution and your country? ” It isn’t that Liberals are ignorant. It’s that they know so much that isn’t so,” Ronald Reagan

    1. Aren’t you attacking me now? You should read more of his signs. It’s a core value to call for the genocide of the Iraqi people? Do Christian values mandate violence? I thought the bible says to “love they neighbor.” Bill definitely isn’t showing love to his neighbors.

      Thanks for bringing this wisdom. So much hypocrisy in your comments. Attacking me – telling me what I know and don’t know. Seems like we both suffer from the same malady.

  24. In all honesty, I have to say that some of the comments on Casa D’Ice are a little over the top. I would like to speak to the immigration issue. While there may certainly be folks who protest against illegal immigration that are blatantly racist, the issue off illegal immigration is not a race issue, it is quite simply a crime.

    I also hear the word discrimination thrown around in a rather haphazard manner. You are only discriminated against if you are treated differently than another. The Immigration laws from what I have seen are fairly and equitably enforced, with no regard to race, you could be Korean, LiIthuanian or any other race. If you enter this country without following the Immigration laws and procedures, the bottom line is you are a criminal.

    I speak from vast experience here, after retiring from the Marine Corps I became a police officer in Arizona. I take pride that I have always treated everyone the same, irregardless of race, creed, religion etc……I don’t believe in racial profiling, my only criteria for arresting or detaining anyone is do I have reasonable cause and did I see them commit a crime.

    With that said let me throw some statistics at you. A full 21% of every Hispanic arrested is illegal in my town. Think about the cost to the city I work in and the state of Arizona to feed, house and then transport these illegal individuals back to the border, the cost is staggering. Many of them will come right back as soon as they get the chance.

    If illegal immigrants can’t show the proper respect for this country, it’s people and it’s laws, why would we want them as citizens? What happens the next time illegals don’t like a law here in the United States, start shouting discrimination again?

    When I see these folks marching and waving signs saying “Give us our rights”, it infuriates me to no end. What rights are you referring to? You are illegally in this country, you have no rights.

    You want some rights, let me read them to you. You have the right to follow the immigration laws and and stop trying to muddy the issue by saying you’re being discriminated against or that anyone who believes the immigration laws should be enforced is a racist. You have the right to crawl back to whatever country you came from if you can’t or won’t show the proper respect for this country’s laws.

    Is America the land of opportunity, you better believe it is, when an illegal immigrant can come here and use the emergency room as their primary care provider, get on welfare, food stamps, housing and every other form of public assistance available. If you are not an American citizen you are not entitled to these benefits. Am I angry about the state of affairs when it comes to illegal immigrants, you bet I am, I see it in living color every day

    . I understand these folks want a better life and they are willing to do just about anything to get it, but that does not make it right to flagrantly disregard this country’s immigration laws. If you want to immigrate to this country, have the decency to do it the proper way, if not, the United States of America neither needs nor wants you, god knows we have enough criminals who are born in this country

  25. Bill is The Man. He’s effin’ funny, don’t care who ‘yar. Not a bad guy at all for a PA yankee. Ya’ll don’t like it you take your political correctness and go pound sand.

    1. Strange advice considering you don’t take it yourself. If you don’t like my blog maybe you should have “pounded sand” rather than pounding your keyboard.

  26. Why oh why every time someone mentions something that is not right about how we are handling issues that involve countries, like the illegals coming in from Mexico or how we handle the Iran or Iraq issues, it is called RACIST??? This is tantamount to a little child not getting his way and crying that his parents “must hate him”. You liberals need to start using your grey matter. Mr Balsamico is not saying our country must be white. The color of our skin is not the issue. The issue is multi-culturalism and it will end up destroying this nation and it has already begun to. When people came over “legally” in the 19th and early 20th century they blended in and became Americans. What they are doing now is bringing their country with them. We need to keep our language as English and not have 25 different languages. Too bad if that sounds harsh. Nothing against eastern Indian people but do you liberals want to live in the conditions that most live in India? (Oh what a RACIST comment, oh Really?) I bet deep down you would be the first to cry if your cushy life became that. What makes this country great is that we have been able to keep this up but not anymore. With the liberal attitude that says “anything goes” and “if it feels good, do it” this country is going down the toilet. We have to have rules but liberals don’t want rules. Just tear down the borders and let anyone and everyone come in and we will all just get along. Just know this, the folks and their ilk that committed the atrocities of 9/11 would first cut off the liberals heads and then go after everyone else next. Sorry I am starting to go off on a tangent… can’t help it.. Liberal mentality just gets my blood boiling! Lets just negotiate with the terrorists, maybe if we are nice to them they will be nice to us? Maybe they will cut our heads off with a really sharp knife if we smile at them.

    1. It was “legal” to come over because we made it that way – or if you prefer, there were no laws against it. I hope you can find the problem with a man claiming we should obliterate a whole country and its people. Is that racist – maybe not – dumb, heartless, and violently ignorant – sure is.

      How is it liberals don’t want rules? Aren’t the liberals the ones passing all the laws while the conservatives believe in smaller government? Makes no sense to switch that around.

      You should let your blood cool down and then rationally approach things. I, as many others, are not extremists and don’t believe you should kiss the terrorists – however, I do believe that kindness is better than fighting and fear. The terrorists are successfully because they bring fear. That is exactly how we think we will solve that and the immigration problem. Seems sad – it’s the same way North Korea is ruled. Should fear be the ruling hand?

  27. This article must have been written by one of the kool-aid drinking, gay, mexican born, illegal, without insurance, on welfare, gun hating, left-leaning, America hating, Europe loving liberal democrats from California.

    1. Wow you have problems with lots of people – especially when you can make a twelve headed dragon out of them. Sorry it took so much time out of your life to write all of that. Thanks for stopping by.

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