To dream … perchance to do – Star Tribune

Gives students a chance and help make sure the DREAM Act becomes a reality.

To dream … perchance to do – Star Tribune

With a labor shortage looming, why should some kids have to beg for a chance at college?

Last update: March 8, 2008 – 5:26 PM

The juxtaposition at the State Capitol around midday last Tuesday was striking. Two groups of teenagers buzzed through the corridors, looking for legislators to buttonhole.

The groups were almost indistinguishable. They sounded alike, dressed alike, and appeared equally intent on their missions.

But at 12:30 p.m., they separated. The 300 wearing badges from Burnsville High School mostly stayed indoors. The 1,000 brought to the Capitol by the Minnesota Immigrant Freedom Network moved to the front steps and began chanting: “One, two, three, four; we don’t want to mop the floor; five, six, seven, eight; we just want to graduate.”


2 thoughts on “To dream … perchance to do – Star Tribune”

  1. I think it *should* be difficult to enter this country.

    And I think that immigrants should seek to follow the laws of our country.

  2. This post is about the DREAM Act. If you want to comment on the difficulty of becoming a citizen there are many posts here covering that issue.

    If you just like making cut and paste blanket statement why bother?

    Anyway, I guess you’re glad it wasn’t so difficult that you and your family couldn’t be here. So much thankfulness. It astounds me.

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