UPS crackdown hits workers, spares business – Seattle Times

As we try and push for positive immigration reform Chertoff’s storm troopers are busting down doors looking to throw migrants out. While the country shows support for a more lenient treatment of undocumented migrants ICE is working in the shadows to do exactly the opposite.  Of course those that encourage and promote the long and dangerous travels of these migrants have nothing to fear themselves.

UPS crackdown hits workers, spares business – Seattle Times
By Lornet Turnbull
Seattle Times staff reporterA year after one of King County’s biggest work-site raids, fully two-thirds of the 51 illegal immigrants arrested have either been deported or told to leave the country.

But no charges have been brought against Spherion, the employment agency that hired the immigrants, or UPS Supply Chain Solutions, the UPS subsidiary that operated the two Auburn warehouses where they worked.

One woman targeted by this raid stated in the article:

“When I’m working, things are good,” she said. “I don’t need handouts for my children. We don’t take public assistance because if I work, I can support them and we do well.”

Of course this doesn’t mesh with the anti-migrant, they are taking our tax dollars crowd, but most migrants are supporting themselves just fine.


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