Why don’t all immigrants come here legally? – Arizona Daily Star

People have no problem saying “I’m all for legal immigration, it’s just illegal immigration I”m against” without knowing anything about our immigration system and its complexities. Many organizations that these people listen to such as FAIR and Numbers USA are actually against migration all together as they claim we’ll be over run by migrants and turned into a “third world country” if we don’t stop even legal immigration.

Why don’t all immigrants come here legally? – Arizona Daily Star
The road to a legal life in America: More complex, costly than many know

Tucson, Arizona | Published: 03.09.2008
By Brady McCombs

If you haven’t said it, you’ve probably heard it: “I understand people want to come here; I just want them to do it legally, like my great-grandfather did.”
But they don’t come through Ellis Island anymore.
Hector Arroyo Garcia of Phoenix has waited 11 years for a green card for his wife and nearly nine years for green cards for his daughters so they could come from Mexico.

For more on the complexities of our immigration please read the wonderful post from Yave at Citizen Orange titled “There is no line”.


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