Dennis Hastert Gets an A+ from Numbers USA…

…but he gets the boot from his constituents. See his immigration record from Teacher Roy Beck here.

Hastert Takes Stern Immigration Stance – NPR

So many nativists just refuse to understand that the public at large does not agree with their vehement anger nor buy in to their bogus rhetoric? From the Chicago Tribune we read about the Democratic winner Bill Foster:

while embracing an expansion of health care and an immigration-reform package that included a path to citizenship — important in a district with large numbers of undocumented immigrants.

I guess he wouldn’t get a good grade from Roy, would he?

Reagan Country Votes Democratic – Wall Street Journal
March 10, 2008

Karen Hanretty, the spokesman for the National Republican Congressional Committee, had a terse response to the startling loss of former Speaker Dennis Hastert’s seat in a special election in Illinois on Saturday.


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